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Favourite Wedding Favours

by Lucy Hope

Are you stuck on what to have as your wedding favours?

Don’t fret we’ve got you covered on what’s hot right now ?

If you don’t see any that take your fancy, hopefully you can take a little bit of inspiration from them…

Wedding Favour Candle Jars

wedding favour candles

How adorable are these? They’re simple, but a keepsake and cute! Plus they’re only £2.99 from The Lovely Candle Shop!

Puzzle Favours

Wedding jigsaw

Oh wow, these puzzle pieces are absolutely amazing! They’re sooo individual and meaningful aren’t they? Get them from Manta Makes Ltd.

Seed Packet Favours

Seed wedding favours

These are such a change from normal wedding favours, but we absolutely love them at the same time! We just can’t deal at how thoughtful they are! Plus they’re only £2.89 from Susan Penny Handmade.

For Richer For Poorer Coin Favour

Chocolate coins

Awww! This is such a cute take on the standard chocolate favour isn’t it? What a cute little keepsake! Plus it’s only £1.50 from Little Indie Studio.

Mini Popcorn Box Favour

popcorn favours

Wow, this is such a cool retro idea! We bet you don’t know many weddings with mini popcorn boxes as the wedding favours. Plus we don’t think it will break the bank either at only 75p each from Erickson Design.

Image Credits: etsy.com/uk/

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