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10 Things That You Would Expect To See At A Wedding

by Lucy Hope

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? We have the excuse to treat ourselves to expensive frocks and fancy hats without feeling guilty.

Plus it’s a day of food, drink and pretty outfits, what more could you actually want?

Although each day will be special and individual to the bride and groom, there’s no denying there’s a certain cliché with weddings, and nine times out of ten, you can almost expect certain things to happen…

1. Single ladies, dancing to Single Ladies

single ladies

The group of single girls pretending everything’s fine and they just LOVE being single… And as soon as they hear this song they’re straight onto the dance floor showing off their ring-free finger.

2. The mad, dash rush to the buffet on the evening

Wedding Buffet

You wouldn’t think most guests had just had a three-course meal a few hours beforehand would you?

3. The depressed singleton 

depressed singleton

You know the one, quite often one of the bridesmaids, sat at the bar drowning her sorrows, telling everyone how much the male species reminds her of the spawn of satan.

4. The person that’s snuck in a bottle of vodka

Bridget Jones

Come on, EVERYONE’s done this at some point in their life haven’t they? Buying just a diet coke at the bar, spending most of the night under the table pouring the litre of Smirnoff into the coke and thinking no one knows what you’re doing.

5. A baby starts to cry at a crucial moment during the ceremony


And everyone pretends not to hear …

6. The DJ will play a mix of YMCA, The Macarena and Gangnam Style


Well, why not? If The Macarena can’t get you up off your seat I don’t know what will.

7. That eery silence when the Vicar asks if anyone objects


You could hear a pin drop, and you suddenly get the urge to cough. Do. Not. Cough.

8. The rush to catch the bouquet 

catching the bouquet

There’s always a scuffle, and it’s always the person who you least expect to catch it, much to the despair of their partner.

9. That Uncle who nobody really knows

The Devil Wears Prada

“My, haven’t you grown! The last time I saw you, you were tiny!” Who are you again?

10. Being taken aback at how beautiful the bride looks


One word, STUNNING.

Do you think there’s anything that we’ve missed? Let us know!

Gif credits: giphy.com

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