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Dumping Your Bridesmaid

by Lucy Hope

You’re probably here as you’re thinking about dumping your bridesmaid.

That’s awful! So we’re sorry that you’re feeling like this and we’re sorry that your friend/bridesmaid is clearly awful.

The answer to the question that’s no doubt burning inside of you though, is YES! You CAN dump your bridesmaid, especially if they aren’t pulling their weight.

It’s really sad but it does happen, you might have rushed into asking a friend you don’t really know very well, or you may have asked someone who just doesn’t seem that interested in your wedding and you’d like her to step down.

Whatever your reasons though, it’s never easy to admit that you want to fire one of your bridesmaids, it’s a bit like a relationship breakdown. So you do need to take your time to make sure you want to go through with it, as you could lose a friend.


You need to think really hard about your reasons why you no longer want her to be one of your bridesmaids. Is she not living up to your expectations? Are you no longer friends? Has she missed fittings? Has she insulted someone that you care about?

If she has done any of the above, or behaved in a very similar way – we wouldn’t blame you if you went ahead and did dump her. You have to be selfish when it comes to your wedding!


Ideally, you shouldn’t leave it too late. It’s better to give plenty of notice if possible and ideally before she has her dress and accessories. If she HAS already got her dress and accessories and bought them herself, it will only be natural to reimburse her. Be the bigger person.


When you know for definite that it’s just not going to work, it’s time to ask her to step down. Obviously if you still want to remain friends with them, you need to be as respectful and loving as possible. We think it will be best to talk to them in person, sometimes messages could be taken the wrong way if it was sent via text/email. You have to ask yourself, how would I like to be treat if this was me? Even if you’ve realised that the friendship is over, you still need to act with sincerity.

REMEMBER: Be the bigger person.

Good luck! 

Have you had any experiences in regards to dumping a bridesmaid? Let us know!

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