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What Not To Wear To A Wedding

by Lucy Hope

Are you unsure on what to wear to a wedding you’ve got coming up?

Now ladies, we’re going to have to go very Trinny and Susannah on you. We’re sorry, but it has to be done. We can’t have you turning up to your friend’s wedding dressed inappropriately, that would just be, well, inappropriate!

So that’s why we’ve put together a little ‘What not to wear to a wedding’ guide for you to follow…


Sorry, but have you been living under a rock for the past millennium? If you’re thinking of wearing a block white dress to a wedding we think you may need to get your head checked out. It’s one of the biggest fashion faux ever, in fact we may think that it IS the biggest fashion faux ever…

Why not wear something like this flared hem midi dress from Missguided for only £25


Just don’t wear denim of any kind, seriously, don’t. That goes for that pair of jeans, jumpsuit, playsuit or dress that’s looking at you in your wardrobe. Just no.

If you’re thinking of a jumpsuit, why not wear something like this blush wrap detailed jumpsuit from Pretty Little Thing for £25

DO NOT WEAR Animal Print

Do you really want to rock up wearing something that Pat Butcher would wear to a wedding? Do you really though? No, we didn’t think you did. Print is absolutely fine don’t get us wrong, just not animal.

Why not try something like this printed bodycon dress from Asos for £48

DO NOT WEAR Something Too Revealing

It’s not as though you’re going out for a night on the town, you’re going to a wedding! You need to be a bit classier than usual, we mean, sexy elements are fine at a wedding, just as long as you limit yourself to one at a time.

Why not try something like this figure hugging midi dress from Topshop for £32

DO NOT WEAR Anything See Through

We’re all for embracing your femininity, but just don’t do it at a wedding, put the see through dress away and save it for your holiday as a cover up. Stay classy.

Why not wear something classy like this maxi dress with sheer inserts from Asos for £115


A fascinator is perfectly fine, but we wouldn’t recommend wearing a huge hat and ruining your beautiful hair. Plus, it’s definitely going to get in the way during any photographs and you want to be on point.

Why not wear something like this simple, but stunning fascinator from Asos for £10

DO NOT WEAR Flip Flops

This goes without saying really, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t wear them during a service in the winter, so why would you wear them during a service in the summer? We don’t care how warm and sunny it is! Treat yourself to a pair of heeled sandals.

Why not try these gold heeled sandals from River Island for £40


Image Credits: asos.com, riverisland.com, topshop.com, missguided.co.uk, prettylittlething.com


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