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10 Feels When Planning A Wedding

by Lucy Hope

It’s a stressful time is the old wedding planning malarkey!

You’re planning a wedding, and all of a sudden you experience emotions you’ve never felt before, and most of the time didn’t even realise existed.

You can go from wanting to cry with anger to cry with happiness within the space of a few seconds. Who knew it was so stressful?

When you realise you’ve gone over your budget


And we’re not talking by just a few pounds either…

When you cross something off your to do list

Homer Simpson

Best. Feeling. Ever. IMAGINE the feeling when you’ve finally planned everything!

When your future in laws are constantly voicing their opinions on everything

Adam Sandler

Like we’re so grateful for all the help and everything, but please just stop.

When you realise that everything you want in your dream wedding is ridiculously expensive

Heidi Montag

Help us, we’re poor!

When it’s extremely close to your wedding day and you’re still missing half of your guests’ RSVPs

Home Alone

Like HELLO? Got a wedding to plan over here.

When your friend asks if they can bring a plus one after you’ve finalised the seating chart

Orange Is The New Black

Is that a joke? It better be a joke?

When a distant family member or friend that you haven’t talked to in years expects an invite to the wedding


Some people are just so rude – we can’t even!

When someone in your wedding cancels last minute

Mr Burns

Oh? You’ve just decided you aren’t coming? After we’ve just paid £80 for your presence, no bother.

When you’ve bought a wedding dress that’s too small with the intention of losing weight, and the big day is rapidly approaching


We’ll just eat dust from now until the wedding.

When you’ve finally finished planning your wedding



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