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Top 10 Reasons Why Being a Bridesmaid Rocks!

Being asked to be someone’s Bridesmaid is the ultimate honour!  Here’s why…

It’s a big deal that they asked you!

dancing bridesmaid

You get to plan the party of the year… AKA the hen party

female fight club

People tell you how amazing you look all day long

look fabulous

Single Bridesmaid?? 

sinlge bridesmaid

When the Bride needs the toilet, you get to hold her dress

chair dancing

You get a gorgeous dress bought for you

homer dress

Going with one of your best friends to pick her wedding dress

try on wedding dress

You HAVE to have fun


Getting ready with the Bridal party 

beauty bridal

Most important of all, you get to be at the side of your best friend on her big day!

hold on for one more day

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