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Who Should Walk Me Down The Aisle?

by Lucy Hope

Now, it usually goes without saying that your Dad usually walks you down the aisle doesn’t it?

But everyone’s situation is different and if for whatever reason your Dad can’t be there, there’s still plenty of options.

This is your wedding day, so everything should be catered towards you and how you feel, and you should feel amazing!

If you’re stuck on who you should ask though, we bet there’s plenty of people to ask…

It could be:

Your MumMum walking daughter down aisle

We just absolutely love it when Brides are escorted down the aisle by their mums. What a lovely way to honour the lady who raised you, and if you are super close, it will make your experience even more enjoyable. Mums always have a knack of making you feel better, no matter what the situation, so what better way than when walking you down the aisle on the biggest day of your life?

Image Credit: bellophoto.net

Your Mum and DadParents walking down the aisle

If you love your Dad but don’t want your Mum to feel excluded, or maybe both parents are separated but both brought you up, what better way than to honour them both? It will be absolutely beautiful to watch, and if you’re worried if maybe they don’t see eye to eye, they’ll have to swallow their pride and come together for the biggest day in their daughter’s life.

Image Credit: www-static.weddingbee.com

Your Brotherbrother walking sister down aisle

If your Dad can’t be there, or wasn’t present in your life, why not ask your brother? We bet he’ll be so grateful and happy that you’ve actually thought to ask him. We never fail to tear up when a bride walks down the aisle with her brother.



Image Credit: heyweddinglady.com

Your SisterSister walking sister down the aisle

Who says you shouldn’t walk down the aisle with your sister? If she’s already your bridesmaid, just promote her to Chief-Walking-Down-The-Aisle-Bridesmaid, it’s you and her against the world!

Image Credit: phillymag.com

Your Step DadFather-daughter-aisle


Again, if your Dad isn’t around anymore, or maybe he wasn’t present in your life, but another man was and brought you up as though you were his own, we feel like it’s only right to ask him. Go on, make his day!


Image Credit: imprintweddings.ca



Strut down that aisle like the strong, independent woman you truly are! Now’s the time to let your inner Beyoncé shine.


Image Credit: bp.blogspot.com

Your Groom’s Father

Step Dad walking down aisle



Why shouldn’t you walk down with your future Father-In-Law? We mean, he’s already practically your adopted Dad anyway! Plus, we bet it would make his day being asked, he would never expect it.




Image Credit: blog.bridalspectacular.com

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