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Etsy Wedding Finds July 2016

by Lucy Hope

Everyone loves Etsy, don’t they?

No matter what you’re looking for, Etsy’s the one!

That’s why we thought we would have a little browse to see what we think are the best wedding buys for July…

Wedding Ring Bags


These wedding ring bags are so sweet and sentimental! Plus you wouldn’t have to worry about the Best Man losing them, and for the sake of £2 including postage we think it’s an easy decision… Get them from Amy’s Craft Emporium for £2.

Silk Bridal Bouquet


This bouquet is absolutely stunning, the colours are so beautiful and will go with anything! We can’t believe it’s only £38.90 from Bragging Bags… An absolute bargain!

Wedding Guest Book


Aww, we just love this personalised wedding guest book! It’s so amazing as you can customise it however you want. Plus it’s only £30.35 from Wedding Tree Guest Book!

Dad Photo Frame


Make your Dad’s day, (if not year!) by gifting him this special frame. It’s so sentimental and we are so sure he’ll treasure it forever. Get it from Sign and Gift Gallery for £28.75.

Mother of the Bride Necklace


How could we forget Mum? This mother of the bride necklace will be sure to make your Mum cry with happiness, we mean how could it not? It’s so sentimental and sweet! Get it from Otis B Weddings for £24.12.

Image Credits: etsy.com

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