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Gift Ideas For Mother Of The Bride/ Groom

by Lucy Hope

So you’re getting married soon…

And we’re 99.9% certain that your Mum will be just as excited as you are – if not maybe a little bit more!

It’s going to be the proudest day of her life, so we think that it’s only acceptable that you give her a little something that she can cherish forever.

We’ve had a look to see if we can find some cute gifts that will be absolutely perfect to give to your Mum on your special day…

Thank You Parents Gift

Mother Gift

Well this is absolutely stunning, don’t you think? It’s simply the perfect gift. Get it from The Green Dove Cote for £54.99.

Heart Bracelet

Mum bracelet

How can something be so simple, yet so sentimental at the same time? This is such a thoughtful gift and your Mum will be able to wear it on the big day. Plus it’s only £6.57 from Carrie Clover.



This is such a cute little keepsake! We’re sure that they’ll come in handy on the big day too!  We can’t believe they’re only £13 from Posh Yarns

Mum Decoration

Mum sign

How lovely is this? It’s so thoughtful and Mum will be able to cherish it forever. Plus it’s only £7 from Posh Yarns.

Bracelet Set

Charm Bracelet

How amazing is this set of two? It’s something that both Mums will cherish forever and they can wear them on the big day. The fact that they’re personalised too makes them even more special. Get them from Classy Crafts By Ash for £25.01.

Image Credits: etsy.com

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