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Quirky Alternative Wedding Food Suggestions

by Lucy Hope

If you’re currently faced with the age old wedding catering dilemma of ‘chicken or beef’, and stressing over deciding on the final menu – all we ask is if you stop right there and have a little read of this article…

Don’t get us wrong, we love a fancy sit down meal as much as the next person, but with it being your wedding, it’s the perfect time to express your personality, and that means anything goes!

We’ve come up with some quirky alternative wedding catering ideas that may just inspire you…

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Who doesn’t love afternoon tea? It’s perfectly British and your wedding will be kept simple and elegant with that on the menu. Dainty sandwiches, cupcakes, scones with clotted cream and jam – you can’t really go wrong! This is also perfect if you don’t want a heavy meal in the late afternoon that will leave your guests too full.

Image Credit: bettys.co.uk

Burger Van

Burger Van

This is one of our personal favourites! We would secretly cry with happiness if we went to a wedding and there was a burger van there, as you just simply cannot go wrong with a burger van. Imagine how tasty the food would be. Amazing!

Image Credit: burgervan.org



We don’t think you can get much better than a delicious barbecue on a sunny day! They’re a lovely choice for summer weddings and they won’t cost a fortune either. Just don’t forget the vegetarian options too!!

Image Credit: http:raggsandrattle.com

Hog Roasts


A hog roast will make any quirky wedding just a little bit more special won’t it? Serve your hog with apple sauce, stuffing and fresh buns! MMM! This can be such a cost-effective option compared to a traditional sit down meal. Our mouths are watering at the thought! Why not add a few pasta dishes and salad, just to solve any vegetarian issues…

Image Credit: hwcoldbreath.co.uk

Ice Cream Van

Ice Cream Van

Ah, our inner kiddies are rejoicing at the thought of an ice cream van!

What a fab personal touch it would be to have an ice cream van later on in the afternoon at your wedding. The little ones would love it just as much as the grown ups…

Image Credit: thetimes.co.uk

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