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Are You adding any Little Ones on Your Guest List?

by Kloe Forster

Are you adding any little ones on your guest list?

These days many brides are choosing to ban kids from their big day! But is it really the right thing to do?

Little ones can bring an element of liveliness to your wedding day! Imagine them sliding across the dance floor and providing some seriously cute chances for photos!  On the other hand, they might also decide to shout out, or even burst into tears, at the worst possible moments during your ceremony, or your speeches, or anytime really…

So why not find a compromise? You could always invite children to the ceremony and drinks, then ask that they leave before the dinner and dancing… Be warned though – this may not always be a practical solution for some parents! 

The secret to well behaved children at weddings is to keep them entertained at all times…

Utilise your ushers – get them to dish out treats for mums and dads with little ones and ALWAYS make sure you seat these families in the back row at your ceremony – so they can make a quick exit if need be!!

Another option would be to have a table just for the kiddies, get them loads of activity packs – crayons and colouring books will keep them busy and quiet! Make sure the venue wifi code is shared so they can play games on their tablets too…

AND – don’t forget to ensure there’s plenty for your little guests to eat. While adults can wait a few hours for food without complaining, children can’t, so make sure you prevent any meltdowns by putting some kid-friendly snacks on standby!

You might want to think twice about anything with additives or too much sugar – the last thing you need is a five year old having a sugar induced meltdown during your wedding breakfast!! Though it might give them a boost of energy for the dance floor!

milk and cookies

We love the idea of having a little snack table just for the little ones! What about this one filled with Milk and Cookies? Such a good idea – the grown ups will love it too.

We think well behaved children should always be welcome at weddings – let us know what you think. Have you got any little ones on your guest list or have you banned them entirely?! Let us know!

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