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Guide by a Real Bride – Choosing the Best Bouquet for You

by Kloe Forster

Choosing the best bouquet for your wedding can be a daunting task.

My quest to find a florist was a total nightmare.

I had a July wedding and knew I wanted fresh summery flowers. So, I booked in some consultations with a few florists to get some quotes and advice. I thought I would pick flowers that would be in season at the time of my wedding in order to keep costs as low as possible… remember to consider this when you’re deliberating!

After a bit of trusty Google research – I decided on sweet peas, peonies, gypsophila, roses, hydrangea with some lovely greenery added in… What could go wrong?

Excitedly, I explained this to the first florist I visited. Her reaction left me flabbergasted. She took one long look down her nose at me and snottily remarked: “You don’t get to pick your flowers. I do. Your bouquet will be a surprise…” I nodded politely back to her, completely aghast and internally wincing at the thought of waking up to a complete surprise bouquet on the morning of my wedding. Very hastily, I made my excuses and scurried out of her shop – needless to say I never looked back!

I booked a second consultation with another popular local florist I’d found on Facebook. This time I was welcomed in and was asked what kind of flowers I wanted – what a relief! This lady was the polar opposite to the last one – she seemed genuinely interested in me and my husband to be…

Her ideas were AMAZING: she suggested draping pearls from candelabras, using lots of smaller votive style vases with single stems… and how about stacking them on top of vintage books? Ooooh and mixing in some vintage candles and birdcages. “YES!” I beamed. This is exactly what I want… “Well’, the florist said. “If you pay cash – I might be able to do you a really good deal, but don’t go saying anything to the tax man mind.” The colour drained from my face… I couldn’t possibly be hiring some kind of potential tax dodger!!

I thanked her for her time and said I would look forward to hearing from her with my quote… a few days later she emailed me. Wanting over £1000!!! I respectfully replied that we just couldn’t justify spending that much on the flowers. I mean, that was more than the cost of my dress!! ?

Just as I was beginning to lose faith in finding a florist, my future Mother-in-Law suggested getting in touch with one of her friends who had recently set up a floristry business. After some initial trepidation – I booked a consultation.

This time, Charlene, came to see me and my husband personally. From the moment she set foot in our house – we knew she was the right one for us.

She looked over all of my Pinterest boards and scrapbooks and I was ecstatic to see that she seemed as enthusiastic about my flowers as I was! Best of all her costs were far less than what we had previously been quoted. I was thrilled. We exchanged numerous emails back and forth throughout the whole planning process – nothing I asked for was too much trouble… I had total trust in her and could rest assured that she would do an amazing job. PHEW!

The morning of the wedding finally came, Charlene came up to my hotel room to deliver the bouquets – I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful they were –  I filled up with tears on the spot!


wedding shoes


peony bouquet


After our vows, my husband and I had a quick peek of the reception room. I actually gasped and my jaw dropped at how amazing it looked – exactly what I wished for. There were the draped pearls from the candelabras, oooh and the little votive vases stacked on top of the vintage books, the lace and hessian chair bows…everything she had done was completely and utterly perfect.

birdcage flowers


  • Check out what’s in season the month you’re getting married… this will normally work out loads cheaper!

  • Consider using artificial flowers – sometimes they actually look better than the real thing…

  • Make sure your choices match your theme and colour schemes… it might be worthwhile matching swatches with the flowers you think you like before you choose them

candelabra flowers


  • Choose something personal to you and your groom – we’re both avid readers so wanted to include books in our decor

  • Hiring from a florist will probably work out cheaper than buying 10 vases or birdcages yourself… always check this out first though!

  • Make sure it looks right for your venue – it’s no good using vintage jam jars in a stately castle… it just won’t look right!

top table flowers


  • Always listen to personal recommendations and read testimonials – this is much more reliable than a quick search on Google

  • Stick to what YOU want – this is YOUR wedding, but be open to some advice and suggestions from the professionals

  • Remember – cost doesn’t always equal quality… just because you’re paying a fortune doesn’t mean you’ll get  the best customer service or treatment for that matter!

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