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Debunking Old Fashioned Wedding Traditions

by Kloe Forster

Have you ever thought that some wedding traditions are old fashioned and just aren’t right for you? Us too!! So we’re debunking the wedding traditions you might think you need to include in your big day…

We know that some brides are all about tradition – and we’re not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing… we just think you’ve got to go with what YOU want! After all, don’t forget, it’s YOUR day!



Traditionally at British weddings, the bride stands to the right of her Father. They lead the procession and are followed by the bridesmaids/flower girls and pageboys…

We say, why not send your bridesmaids down the aisle first? This will give your entrance much more excitement and create a real buzz! Plus it will enable you to savour those extra special seconds with whoever is escorting you down the aisle before you make your grand entrance… Also, sometimes you may not be able to walk down the aisle with your dad… so, why not walk down with the person or people who have been there for you in your life? I was lucky enough to be escorted down the aisle by both of my big brothers – I literally felt like I floated down with them. It was amazing!

wedding aisle



Wave bye bye to those dodgy ‘matchy matchy’ ‘maids dresses…loads of brides are opting for different colours and different styles for each individual bridesmaid these days!

BUT – did you know that bridesmaids were actually once used to ward off evil spirits in the olden days?? They would be dressed similarly to the bride, in order to provide a distraction from evil spirits…. spooky!

We think it’s great that these days most brides actually choose figure flattering dresses for their ‘maids  – you want your girls to be comfy on the day and most of all you want to look back on your photos in years to come and think how amazing they looked standing next to you!




Along with your first dance…which all of your guests will be expecting… etiquette also dictates the groom should have a dance with both mothers, the bride with both fathers, the mother of the bride with the father of the groom and vice versa… not forgetting the best man with the chief bridesmaid!! YIKES!

Obviously, you may not actually be able to fulfil all of these traditions and believe me – no one will notice if you don’t!

wedding dance



The age old tradition at weddings was to give daintily packaged sugared almonds… in a medley of pastel hues, aww remember those?! We do! They would break your teeth if you tried to crunch them!!

Sugared almonds weren’t just given for givings sake, though… actually, five almonds were given to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

These days, absolutely anything goes when it comes to favours…  we’ve seen miniature bottles of booze, charity pins, lottery tickets and even personalised sticks of candy rock – the choice is yours!

sugared almonds



Did you know that according to traditional etiquette the groom is actually supposed to organise the honeymoon as a complete surprise for his bride… ? But lets face it… nowadays, the bride NEEDS to give her approval and say on the destination of choice!

I couldn’t have trusted my husband to pick for us – we’d have ended up with a cheapy weekend in Bognor Regis!!




Make sure you move your engagement ring to your RIGHT HAND before your wedding ceremony.

Traditionally, no other rings should be worn… You should then transfer your engagement ring back onto your left hand following the ceremony.

It might be nice to wear your engagement ring on a fine chain around your neck? That way it’s closer to your heart, aww!

wedding rings



Will you be wearing a garter on your wedding day? Did you know that traditionally, your groom should remove it from you and toss it to his single male friends… Whoever catches it should place it on the left leg of the girl who caught the bouquet!

Who wouldn’t love a little matchmaking session at their wedding?! Who knows it could lead to wedding bells for them too!! We think this tradition is brilliant.




Are you having a receiving line at your wedding? Traditionally, receiving lines are for the hosts of the wedding and the bridal party to welcome all of the guests… however, for most, this is just far too formal and can get a little bit awkward. Plus, it’s bound to slow down the proceedings!!

Today, most newlyweds chat to their guests in between courses instead – this is a much more laid back way of thanking your guests for attending – plus it means you can get their feedback on all of the lovely food that’s been eaten!

wedding guests



Speeches can get quite tedious – especially if you’re having them before the wedding breakfast… your guests tummies are bound to be rumbling!

Tradition dictates that the first wedding speech should be given by the Bride’s father and should end with a toast to the bride and groom… Next, the groom should thank the bride’s parents, the guests, before making a toast to the bridesmaids… and of course, his beautiful new wife! Lastly, it’s the best man – who’s job is to say a few words on behalf of the groom – cue all of the embarrassing stories and a lot of laughs from your guests!

It’s becoming increasingly popular for the bridesmaids to also make a little speech or toast now too… and sometimes, it’s nice for the mothers to get involved too! We think that anything goes when it comes to the speeches – just as long as everyone is kept entertained…


wedding speech



A ‘traditional’ top table should sit from the left: Chief bridesmaid, groom’s Dad, bride’s Mum, groom, bride, bride’s Dad, groom’s Mum, best man… Lets face it though, nowadays, not many families still fit into this framework!! So we say, why not create your own top table layout with whatever suits YOU best…

Why not try mixing things up a little – sit who you want on there in whichever order suits you! Or why not have a few top tables? That way you can ensure that all of your guests will be comfortable. How about  this crazy idea – you go for a little table, for just the bride and groom! Imagine how romantic that would be…

To Veil, or not to Veil… That is the Question!

wedding veil

Did you know, according to tradition, it’s actually considered inappropriate for second timers or pregnant brides to wear a veil? We think veils are the perfect finishing touch to any wedding dress…

Want to hear something even more weird? Veils first became popular in the Roman times when a red sheet, called a ‘flammeum’, was used to cover the bride from head-to-toe… This was meant to make the bride look like she was on fire which, in turn, was intended to scare off any evil spirits looking to ruin her big day! WEIRD.

Whatever your thoughts are on veils… these days most brides decide to wear one because it looks pretty… not to keep away any evil spirits!!

Cake, Cake and More CAKE!! 

Fruit cake with thick, white marzipan icing was once the norm for weddings… It’s largely due to the fact that it was thought that by having an abundance of good quality ingredients in your wedding cake this symbolised a  rich, happy and long-lasting marriage…

Here’s a few other superstitions we’ve heard about wedding cake:

  • The bride who bakes her own cake is asking for trouble
  • A taste of the cake before the wedding means loss of the husband’s love *shocked face* (whereas a piece of wedding cake kept after the big day is supposed to ensure his fidelity…)
  • The newlyweds must cut the first slice together
  • Every guest must eat a piece to ensure that the happy couple are blessed with children…

wedding cake

These days though, most newlyweds are opting for wedding cakes that represent their personality… or just something that’s totally quirky! Whether you prefer something decadent and sweet, maybe a stack of cute cupcakes… or even a cake made entirely out of cheese!! The sky is the limit when it comes to cake! And we love it… YUMMY!!

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