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Amazing Alternative Wedding Cakes

by Kloe Forster

Have you ever thought that a traditional wedding cake just isn’t for you? Maybe the idea of serving up a spiced fruit cake, or a dried up madeira sponge fills you with dread? Well, don’t worry as we’ve put together our favourite amazing alternative wedding cakes… we know you’re going to love them!

Take a look at these wonderful wedding cakes with a twist…


Colin and Connie Wedding Caterpillar Cake

colin and connie

Everyone has had a caterpillar cake for their birthday before… it’s an annual birthday treat in my house! And now, you can even get one for your wedding day! These wedding caterpillar cakes aren’t anything like a regular old caterpillar cake, though – they’re mahoosive, each one is £50 and serves 40 people. Connie’s veil is edible too – errrm yummy!! This would go down well with the little ones a your wedding! It’s available to order here.

Tiered Pork Pie Wedding Cake

pork pie cake

OH MY DAYS! Look at this – not one, not two, but THREE tiers of tasty pork pie! We think this would go down fabulously with all of the men at your wedding. It’s a perfect wedding cake for those who don’t have a sweet tooth… you might have to get a giant jar of pickle to accompany it though! This tiered pork pie wedding cake is £99 here.

Cheese Wedding Cake

cheese wedding cake

Cheese lovers of the world, behold this wondrous sight… a wedding cake, made entirely out of cheese. Not only does this look amazingly tasty, it looks pretty darn decorative too! This cheese wedding cake provides around 90 – 120 portions (depending on how you cut it of course…) Be warned – you’re going to need A HELL OF A LOT of crackers to go with it… Furthermore, we are not responsible for any bad dreams eating all of that cheese may cause!! It’s £155 here.

Home Baked Brownie Stack

brownie cake

If you’re feeling brave and think you could manage having a go at baking your own wedding cake, but you’re  still slightly frightened of the prospect of it all going wrong… what about baking your own stack of brownies for the big day?! These are sure to go down a treat with your guests and they’re fairly straight forward to make! This is a budget friendly option for those of you who are looking to keep costs as low as possible…

Macaron Wedding Cake

macaron cake

(Image Via Pinterest)

Imagine how stunned your guests would be by this marvellous macaron wedding cake… The pastel colours look so pretty – you wouldn’t have the worry of the cake being cut into pieces either, so each of your guests could help themselves as they please!

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