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Ten Things I WISH Someone Had Told Me About Planning a Wedding

by Kloe Forster

If you’ve just recently started planning a wedding, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of stress it’s causing you! Maybe you’re a little daunted by the whole thing and you’re wondering where to start…

Well, I understand just how stressful the process can be… but believe it or not, I managed to plan my entire wedding in less than 7 months!

Here are ten things that I WISH someone had told me about planning a wedding before I started…

10. You will fight! Arguing is a totally normal part of me and my husbands day to day life… so planning a wedding together was like a walk in the park… In fact, some couples worry that they shouldn’t be fighting as they plan a wedding, but arguing is a completely normal and healthy part of a relationship. You should be more concerned if you’re not arguing to be honest, as that could mean one of you is keeping their emotions bottled up – and that never ends well. Communication is key to a healthy relationship. Just don’t lose sight of the reason you’re getting married – you love each other!

9. Keep a spreadsheet – believe it or not, this was actually my husbands idea so kudos to him for this one! If you can keep track of your spending you’ll know exactly what’s left in the budget as you get closer to the big day… meaning you’ll never have any freak out moments about money! Just don’t do what I did and keep asking your hubby to increase the budget… it can really get out of hand!

8. Pick your date and get the legal side of things set in stone. So many brides make the mistake of planning the finer details first, without actually consulting a registrar or vicar to ensure they can be married on that date and the time they would like. Time is precious when it comes to planning a wedding and so is money – so don’t go wasting any of it without giving notice to your registrar or vicar first!

7. SHOP AROUND and HAGGLE! Do not just settle with the first price you see for something… most vendors will be prepared to take something off the initial cost for you, if you ask politely enough. Make sure you get a rough idea of how much things should cost before you buy them just incase you’re being swindled!

6. You CANNOT please everyone – there’s always going to something, or someone you overlook. Maybe you forgot to order a buttonhole for someone you really should have, orrrr maybe a family member is annoyed that you haven’t invited their new boyfriend or girlfriend, despite the fact that you’ve never met them, they’ve only been seeing each other a few months and your venue charges over £100 a head! What you’ve got to remember is this day is about you and your husband to be. No one else. If the guests in question are too obsessed with themselves to realise that, then maybe they shouldn’t bother coming to the wedding!

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff – a friend of mine gave me this advice a few weeks before my wedding and it was like an epiphany. That actually, no one would particularly care or notice if say, I forgot to spray paint my table centrepieces the right shade of gold, or if there wasn’t enough confetti to throw about… or, god forbid, the sweetie table didn’t have monogrammed paper bags. The point is, your guests attend your wedding because they care about you and your husband to be – they won’t be looking for the things you’ve forgotten – only YOU would know, and are you really that bothered?!

4. It’s not a race – you don’t need to rush things… Take your time. Plan things properly and don’t let it stress you out! This whole process should be about having fun and celebrating the love you have for your fiancé!

3. It’s not a competition either… just because your cousin had a five tier cake doesn’t mean you need one with six tiers just so its better than hers! The day should be all about you and YOUR husband and should be filled with whatever matters and is special to you both, whether thats a wheelbarrow full of bottles of beer or a cake made out of jammy dodgers ’cause you both love them. Think outside of the box, but don’t make it into a competition…

2. Disasters can happen… be prepared. Take out wedding insurance if you can. I ended up having to rethink my entire wedding and venue after an overbooking at a hall that I had fallen in love with. It was obviously upsetting – but actually it was for the best as it made my Husband and I realise that we needed a venue closer to home for all of our elderly relatives. They do say these things happen for a reason…

  1. The most important wedding advice I can give –  ENJOY IT –  you’ve got to see this whole process as a labour of love. Of course EVERYONE is going to have an opinion on what you should and shouldn’t be doing – you’ve got to learn how to look like you’re listening their advice… smile and nod politely and then, go on to do it all your own way anyway! After all, who’s this day really about? Them or you and your other half?!

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