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Guide by a Real Bride – Bridal Beauty Tips and Tricks

by Kloe Forster

I never thought I would have the courage to do my own make up on my wedding day… but, after a make-up trial that left me looking more like I was going to be having a night on the tiles than walking down the aisle, I knew it was the right thing for me…

And hey, if Kate Middleton can do it, so can you!

Here’s my tips for doing your own make up on your wedding day:


Make sure you have a few trial runs before the big day. Get all of your products ready so you won’t be flapping about where you left your concealer, or that lipgloss you really need!

I had a trial at a MAC counter to learn how to apply my own eyeshadow a few weeks before my wedding. I also visited a Dior counter and had my foundation matched to my skin properly to avoid any dodgy mismatching… Admittedly, I spent quite a bit on all of my products for the big day but it was actually an investment, as I got to use them all for months once the wedding was over!

make up brushes



Natural light is key for applying your own make up – make sure the room you’re getting ready in has plenty of light so you can see what you’re doing!

I really wanted a dewy finish to my skin, so I applied a primer, foundation and then a luminescence product to my cheekbones… voila.

dior foundation



The pressure to look beautiful on their wedding day often leads brides into thinking they need to over do their make up… NOT TRUE!  Do you really want to look back at your wedding photos and be unable to recognise the woman in the white dress? Or worse still, imagine if your groom didn’t recognise who was walking up the aisle to marry him!!

When deciding on your bridal make up, remember this: you need to look like yourself — but on a REALLY good day.

make up trial



You’re going to want to use waterproof mascara to keep any smudges at bay, as well as a setting spray when you’re done to fix everything in place… Look for products that are supposed to last longer.

Don’t forget to take your lipstick with you – ask your maid of honour to look after it. You’ll need to touch it up during the day as you’re bound to be smooching away with your groom!



If you’re not feeling brave enough to do your own make up then make sure you book in a few trials ahead of the big day! Head to Pinterest for some inspiration and take your finds with you to the trial…

On your wedding day, you should look and feel your absolute best – so make sure you’ve found someone who knows EXACTLY what you want ahead of time.

I will also issue this warning to you lovely brides to be – as unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way… If you’re having any trials with false lashes – ask your make up artist not to use too much glue. I ended up having a botched trial and lost half of my eyelashes along with the false ones when they fell off – this meant I had to go and have actual eyelash extensions before the big day! It took about 6 months for them to start growing back again. OUCH.

real bride

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