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The Cutest Fluffy Wedding Guests!

by Kloe Forster

Are you considering inviting your four legged friend to join you on your BIG day?!

We think it’s an amazing idea to let your pet be part of the wedding celebrations!

So we’ve put together some of our favourite pictures of animals at weddings for you to enjoy from our Pinterest page. We will warn you though – they’re the cutest fluffy wedding guests we’ve ever witnessed… *heart eyes*



bride and puppy


This bride just couldn’t possibly leave her little pooch at home – and why shouldn’t he be part of the celebrations? Carrying a dog is far more appealing than carrying a bouquet!


We wish we had a horse so we could invite it to our wedding!! This little cutie makes this outdoor wedding seem that little extra special, don’t you think?


Be still our beating hearts! How adorable is this little pug? We think he’s sooooo cute – he’s totally managed to steal the limelight from the bride! Maybe this would be a reason to leave your pet at home…


Guinea pigs are a lot easier to bring along to a wedding – much smaller and less fuss!!

Just imagine this little guy being the ring bearer…if that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, we don’t know what will!



Awwwhhh. This bride and her little cat are oh so sweet. We might be a little bit worried that the cat could flip out at any second and leave claw marks in the dress, though. EEK! Cats are just so unpredictable compared to dogs!


‘Some-bunny’ loves their little bunnies so much, they invited them to be apart of their wedding day… these cuties make our tummies feel all warm and fuzzy inside! ADORABLE!!

So, have we convinced you to have your pet at your wedding? Or will you be making them ‘sit’ this one out? Let us know!

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