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Five Biggest COMPLETELY Irrational Bridal Fears

by Kloe Forster

Here at Your Wedding Hub, we get to know LOTS about all of you lovely brides to be – including your biggest fears as a bride!

Tying the knot is a hugely stressful time and you’re bound to start thinking erratically at some point during all of your hard work and planning!

Well, worry not lovelies, as we’ve answered your five biggest completely irrational bridal fears (so you can sleep soundly tonight)… Have a read!


5. What If Someone Objects?!


Are you worried someone might shout out at the ‘speak now, or forever hold your peace’ moment?!

Well – funnily enough, I was worried too… With 3 very unpredictable brothers who might think it quite funny to do so; especially since they support the opposing football team to my groom! It’s safe to say I was dreading this part of the ceremony!

If you’re worried that one of your guests with a wicked sense of humour has the potential to do this – you need to remind them to refrain! If they do speak out, it could cause real havoc to your big day and that’s just not funny…  The registrar or vicar must take any objections seriously and will postpone the proceedings – so all jokes aside guys, just don’t do it!

4. It Might Rain…


Even at a wedding in the height of British summer, there’s  always a chance it could rain on your wedding day!

If you do have a few drops of rain on your big day – believe it or not, it’s actually supposed to be a symbol of good luck and legend has it that it provides a boost to the fertility of the newlyweds…

Whether you believe this or not, it’s always important to prepare for the worst! So buy a few umbrellas and a pair of wellies to have on standby – that way you’re always ready for outdoor photographs. If you have a torrential downpour that even an umbrella and wellies couldn’t survive – here’s hoping your photographer is nice enough to suggest a reenactment on a dry day!

3. What If My Groom Doesn’t Show?


The way we see it – if you’ve already paid for the day, you may as well throw a jolly good party, with or without your other half!!

In all seriousness though, if this thought actually does cross your mind… you’ve got to either be a little bit insecure, paranoid, or your relationship isn’t really going that well to start with.

All marriages should start off strong and hopeful – if you’re worried that either one of you might not show up on the day, you need to start asking some serious questions about your relationship.

2. What If Our Marriage Doesn’t Last?


Honestly, you just never know what the future holds… We hope that you’re going in to your marriage feeling so in love and making a promise to stay together forever and really meaning it.

Unfortunately for others though, it seems that vows are made to be broken… We aren’t here to judge, all we’ll say about this one is that you’ve got to at least TRY and make it work as best as you can – and if it doesn’t end up lasting forever, at least you can say you gave it your best!

There’s really no point in forcing yourself to stay trapped in a loveless, unhappy marriage though – life’s too short… and on the bright side, we hear divorce parties are all the rage now anyway…

1.What If My Dress Rips?


Mermaid style, figure hugging wedding dresses are super trendy right now… so we can understand why you may worry about ripping, tearing or bursting out of your dress!

Frankly, it can be very hard to walk/waddle in those dresses never mind sit down and enjoy your wedding breakfast!

We recommend making sure when you buy your wedding dress, that you can breathe in it! If it’s on the tight side you should ask your Maid of Honour to carry a little sewing repair kit with her – just incase you have any little accidents… this way you can tuck into your dessert with no fear!

Let us know your real fears in the comments section below…


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