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Our Favourite On-Screen Weddings!

by Kloe Forster

We absolutely LOVE a good wedding here at Your Wedding Hub!

We just couldn’t resist sharing our favourite on-screen weddings from over the years… Grab your popcorn, take a look and let us know if we’ve missed any of your favourites!


Heidi and Spencer – The Hills


Although there was a lot of tension surrounding Heidi and Spencer’s nuptials thanks to some added drama from LC herself… we think Heidi was a beautiful bride! And ‘Speidi’ are still going strong after over 10 years of wedded bliss! If that doesn’t make you feel old… we don’t know what will!

Bella and Edward – The Twilight Wedding


Everything about Bella and Edwards wedding was absolutely magical! And the Bella and Edward’s song  ‘A Thousand Years’ is still a hugely popular choice for brides!

Charlotte and Harry – Sex and the City


Charlotte and Harry are the most perfect couple – their wedding was beautiful and we couldn’t help but giggle at the scene where Harry drops the red wine down the front of Charlotte’s delicate wedding dress – eeeeek!!!

Carrie and Mr Big – Sex and the City


The second time around worked a charm for these two love birds!! Though we still sob every time we watch Carrie and Big’s first attempt at a wedding… It all worked out perfectly in the end though – and we just LOVE those blue Manolo’s!

Monica and Chandler – Friends


If this scene did’t make you say “awww”, then you’re obviously crazy! We just loved watching Joey perform the ceremony… and Monica and Chandler always seemed like the most brilliant couple, ever.

Leonard and Penny – Big Bang Theory


We know this scene was probably the least romantic of the bunch – but it was still bloody brilliant to watch!

Kim and Kanye


My WORD! When Kim and Kanye tied the knot in stunning Forte Di Belvedere, Florence we instantly got butterflies! The dress, the location and that entire wall of flowers! It was perfect…

Carl and Ellie – Up


If you didn’t cry at Carl and Ellie’s story – you might need to ask yourself a few questions about your empathy levels… Just hearing the music gets us sobbing!! Everything about Carl and Ellie’s marriage is pretty much what we’d hope for in ours. SO CUTE!

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