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What you should do if you secretly hate your engagement ring…

by Kloe Forster

Ok, so, here’s the rub: your other half has got down on one knee, obviously you said “YES!” with a squeal of delight… You’ve had a little (or large) celebration just the two of you, followed by an announcement to your family and friends… annnnd you’ve probably shared something about the joyous moment somewhere on social media… Let’s face it, you couldn’t be any happier if you tried!


BUT… and it’s a BIG but.

You’ve come to the awkward realisation that, you actually, aren’t all that sure about the ring. EEK.

So, what do you do now?

WELL. The first thing you’ve got to do in this situation is give it time… you can’t just immediately blurt out straight away that you hate it.

If you’ve worn the ring for at least a week and you’re sure that it isn’t for you – you’re going to have to say something… but you’re going to need to do it very, VERY, carefully.

Remember – your fiancé probably spent a lot of time, effort and money deliberating over your ring and gearing up for the actual proposal can’t have been easy… so it’s got a lot of emotional attachment already.

Maybe you’ve even been given a family heirloom – you certainly don’t want to risk offending your new in-laws by slating great grannies antique jewellery, rest her soul…

Approach with caution. Think very carefully about what you’re saying before you say it – but do say something.

You can’t live with the ring for the rest of your life if it’s not actually going to be wearable… maybe your fiancé picked something obscenely ostentatious that’s not quite you… the weight of the rock is dragging down the entire left side of your body, you keep knocking it every time you do anything and you can’t help but cringe every time you look down at your hand? Orrrr maybe, it’s just too plain/simple and you wanted something more special and unique?

Explain the situation to your other half. Let them know how you feel. Hopefully, they’ll ask you if you like it – this is the time to answer honestly… be sensitive and tactful in your approach.

Choosing a new ring collectively as a couple, could actually end up bringing you closer together… it will give you the chance to express yourself and allow you both to share your feelings further.

Don’t forget though – the reason behind the ring. Your other half chose your ring as a symbol of their commitment to your future together. Remember – you’re marrying the person you love NOT the ring, and that’s what’s most important…





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