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Why You Really Should Reconsider Those Sky Lanterns…

by Kloe Forster

We know it’s really popular for newlywed couples and their guests to release sky lanterns on the eve of their wedding celebrations… and at first we actually thought it was a lovely idea; I mean, who wouldn’t want to recreate a scene from Tangled on their wedding night, right?


But then – we were absolutely horrified to discover the dangers these lanterns pose when they eventually land…

Let’s face it – essentially, by releasing all of these lanterns at once you’re basically just littering but on a ridiculous scale.

The RSPCA are urging the British public to refrain from releasing sky lanterns because of the dangers they can cause to animals. They can cause injury, suffering, and worst of all death, through:

  • ingestion,
  • entanglement,
  • entrapment.



owl lantern

When ingested, the sharp parts of a sky lantern can tear and puncture an animal’s throat or stomach causing internal bleeding. Animals can become entangled in fallen lantern frames and suffer from injury and stress struggling to get free, or even starve to death. Marine life is also endangered by lanterns falling into the sea…

In addition to this, sky lanterns can also cause fires, which destroy habitats and set animal housing, feed and bedding alight.

The Lanterns are actually already been banned in some countries and fire services have issued warnings to people over the fire risk, following incidents such as the Smethwick recycling plant fire.

We know it might seem like a lovely idea, but the harsh reality is –  it’s really not as romantic as it looks. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for causing harm to an animal just for the sake of some pretty sky lanterns now would you?

Not only do the lanterns pose a risk to animals and wildlife, they’re a huge nuisance to the emergency services and potentially anyone’s home and garden.

Last year, over a third of Britain’s fire brigades said they had received emergency callouts to extinguish lanterns. Some of the damage caused included scorched gardens and roofs… not good at all.

Read the full article from the RSPCA here.

So, we are urging you to please think twice before you let off those lanterns people… there are loads of alternatives – why not go for something a bit different?

You could always go for some sparklers instead?

heart sparkler

Or, how about ‘letting the love glow’ with glow sticks?

wedding glow sticks

Or everyone’s favourite – bubbles?

wedding bubbles

The possibilities are endless and won’t cause any unnecessary harm to others!

You can see if your local council has already banned the release of lanterns by checking the list here.

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