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Should You Have A Church Wedding Even If You Aren’t ACTUALLY All That Religious?

by Kloe Forster

Should you have a church wedding with a religious ceremony even if you aren’t actually all that religious yourself?

For me and my husband, this was something we just couldn’t do.

Sure, there are hundreds of completely beautiful churches out there – which would make absolutely amazing places to tie the knot in.

But for us, the thought of having our marriage blessed by God, in such a sacred place, when neither of us is actually all that religious just seemed totally and utterly hypocritical – and even, dare I say it disrespectful.

church wedding

Today, around 1 in every 3 weddings has a religious ceremony. For some couples, it would seem it’s more about the look of the church itself which is appealing, or maybe it’s the sentiment behind getting married somewhere where there parents/grandparents were married… which we can totally understand. Though, the worst reason we heard behind having a church ceremony was *shock horror* ‘just so it keeps their family happy’. I would have hated any of our family members if they had considered pressuring us into having a church ceremony. Thankfully, we didn’t have that problem – as both of our families understood and respected the fact that it was our wedding and we could get married wherever we wished!

Thinking about it – how many couples have you seen who had a HUGE wedding in church, made the ultimate promise and said their vows before God (as well as the entire congregation) then never set foot in the place again?! I bet you can think of at least one couple… I can certainly think of a few and personally, I think it’s just plain ridiculous.

Another reason I knew a church wedding wasn’t for us was because of the logistical factors. Arranging transportation for around 100 guests from a church to the reception venue didn’t seem practical to me… So we opted for a civil ceremony, all under one roof ! For us, this meant we could all relax and didn’t have to worry about any ‘toing and froing’…

Ultimately, where you decide you want to get married is entirely up to you and your other half – no couple should ever feel pressured into where they choose to get married…

‘We pronounce that’ it’s your day and it should be wherever the two of you want it to be!


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