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Starting Your Marriage Off in Health – Not Sickness!

by Kloe Forster

The last thing you want in the run up to your big day is to suddenly become unwell! So, we’ve put together a few little tips on how you can stay as healthy as possible and start married life in health – not sickness!


Stay hydrated…

Your skin is going to thank you for this one… make sure you keep drinking water!

If you’re not a fan of water on it’s own – I can definitely recommend a diffuser bottle.

Adding lemon, cucumber, berries or a little of whatever you fancy for a little bit of extra flavour really makes a difference! Plus the water will be full of electrolytes – meaning it’s better for you. Win-Win!

They’re only £3.99 here

diffuser bottle


Nourish your body…

Make sure you’re getting your five a day and eating highly nutritious food. Stay away from anything processed… it’s probably best to avoid take away food too – wouldn’t want to risk getting food poisoning in the run up to the big day would you?

nutritious food


We don’t mean go for any crazy marathon runs… just a few light walks during the week to make sure you get your circulation going should do the trick! You’ll feel more energized afterwards.


Take Vitamin supplements…

I can’t get enough of my vitamins – there’s so many out there! You’re probably best having a consultation with a professional to find out your specific needs.

My favourites are these chewable hair burst ones. Super yummy and super healthy!

Get them here.

chewable vitamins

Get enough sleep…

This one is probably easier said than done in the run up to the big day… as you’re bound to be hyper and full of excitement! I recommend having an early night with a good book to get nice and relaxed – this should help you unwind and get straight off to sleep in no time.

Take a look at our list of must read books for brides to be here.


Practice Good Hygiene…

Sounds silly, but don’t forget to wash your hands… especially after you’ve touched handrails or been around a large number of people. I always keep an antibacterial gel in my handbag just incase!

This scented antibacterial gel is a godsend and smells amazing! It’s just £2.50 here.


Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

I swear by this first defence spray! I always use it before/during and after an aeroplane ride and it keeps any germs away… use it in the run up to your wedding to make sure you don’t get a cold – and keep it for your honeymoon too. You will be amazed at  how good it is! I used it before my wedding too.


Get it here

If you’ve got any tips for staying well – get in touch and let us know!


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