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Confessions Of A Spontaneous Bride…

by Kloe Forster

When you see your dream wedding dress – you just know it’s the one.

Read our guest blog by our spontaneous bride-to-be Laura and her decision to buy her wedding dress before she was engaged.

“Be spontaneous!

I have a bit of a confession to make…. I bought my wedding dress a year before I was actually engaged!

Let me tell you why…”

“Every day, I drive past a bridal boutique on my journey to work; a dress in the window there caught my eye every time I passed.

 I just could not stop thinking about it – then one day as I drove by, it had vanished from the window. I totally panicked that I’d miss out on the chance to wear it, or ever see it again – so I plucked up the courage to go into the shop and decided to go try it on – crazy I know!

As soon as I put the dress on – I did not want to take it off. It was my dress. I just couldn’t imagine myself in any other!

But, I tried on one more and took it off straight away, just to shut people up.

Now all I get from other people is “are you sure you won’t change your mind? or Do you not want to go to another dress shop?” My answer is always no! I have fulfilled my dreams with my dress and I am happy with that.

I would recommend buying your wedding dress before you’re engaged, as it’s one less thing to worry about and we are now able to move our date forward a year. But – only do this if you have an understanding partner and you’ve spoken about engagement for a while.

P.S I’m not saying go out and buy a wedding dress at the first chance you get, behind your partners back! I’ve known my husband to be since I was 13 and we’ve been in a loving and stable relationship for a while… I knew marriage was the next step for us.

Good luck finding your dream wedding dresses ladies! ?”

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