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A Little Guide to Your Duties as a Bridesmaid

by Kloe Forster

Maybe you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid and you’re not quite sure what the bride is expecting of you on the big day? Or perhaps – you’re a bride to be and you’re feeling a little bit unhappy with the lack of effort your bridesmaids are making… Well we’ve put together a list of important Bridesmaid Duties to point you in the right direction… Take a look!

The Basic Duties 

  • Walk down the aisle and stand at the front with the couple during the ceremony… don’t forget to SMILE!! There’ll be photos and possibly videos of this moment…
  • Wear what the bride and groom asks – and pay for it, unless they’ve already offered…
  • Get yourself to the wedding (or wherever the bride is getting ready) ON TIME and without any hassle – don’t assume that the couple are paying for your travel.
  • Attend the rehearsal – be supportive, listen to instructions, be polite to everyone.

Traditional, but Optional Duties

  • Throw the perfect hen party – plan a fun night, whether its a night out on the tiles or a cosy night in… make sure you think of all of the bride to be’s favourite things, think of her favourite movies, food, activities and put it all together! I was recently involved with planning a Grease/1950s themed hen party and the Bride to Be absolutely LOVED it!! We dressed her as Sandy and the rest of us were the Pink Ladies.
  • Throw a bridal shower – Team up with the other bridesmaids and don’t forget about the mothers of the bride and groom! This is a time for reminiscing about the happy couple and traditionally a time for gifts to be given to the bride… she’ll love it.

Extra Brownie Point Bridesmaid Duties

  • Be available the day before and on the day of the wedding. Be ready to help with anything!
  • Dance at the reception – it’s your job to get the party started!!
  • Filter yourself – complain to the other bridesmaids, but never to the bride herself! No one wants to cause any drama in the run up to the big day.
  • Bring some necessities – tissues, deodorant, safety pins, painkillers… always be prepared!
  • Be ’emotionally available’ – a bridesmaid should be someone who the bride can count on when she needs someone to laugh or cry with… you need to be there for those awkward bridezilla moments!

Maid of Honour Duties 

  • Be the leader of the pack – organise the other bridesmaids and make sure you communicate all of the important bridesmaid info, such as dress fittings etc!
  • Give a speech/toast – and make sure it’s a good one.
  • Tag along whenever the bride asks – venue viewings, wedding shoes, dress fittings, cake tastings… you need to be there if the bride asks!
  • Hold onto the important stuff on the day – the ring for the bride’s partner, the bouquet during the vows, the train when she’s walking around…
  • Make sure the bride looks great! Help her with getting ready and keep tabs on how she looks during the wedding… DON’T FORGET – sort out any ruffles in her train before she walks down the aisle – this is when all eyes on the bride so she needs to look her best!


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