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Did Donna Air Commit THE Biggest Fashion Faux Pas, Ever?

by Kloe Forster

So, we loved absolutely everything about Pippa’s wedding to James Matthews this weekend… We only have one question – and that is, did Donna Air commit the most heinous fashion faux pas, ever? By choosing to wear HEAD TO TOE white…

Donna – girlfriend to Pippa’s brother James – wore this ensemble by Amelia Wickstead.

She did pair it with a pink clutch bag for a little pop of colour – which we do approve of…

However, we can’t help feel like she made a huge mistake with this outfit… It certainly takes some guts to rock up to the church in this outfit don’t you think?

Surely everyone knows white should be reserved for the bride only, on the big day… We can’t help but feel like Donna was looking for some attention by choosing this!

We really hope James Middleton was having a quiet word about Donna’s outfit choice in this photo!

Opinions are somewhat divided on whether the ensemble is white, cream, or a very pale yellow… whatever shade you want to call it – we say it’s a definite no-no!

What do you think? Would you be ok with your guests wearing head to toe cream/white/ivory to your wedding?

 All Images Via Getty.

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