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Social Media at Weddings: The Do’s & Don’ts

by Kloe Forster

With wedding season well underway, we thought it was time to address one of the biggest frustrations Brides and Grooms seem to be facing these days – Social Media at weddings…

Where some couples may not be fazed about their guests sharing pictures from their big day on social media, a lot of newlyweds consider the prospect of their big day being broadcast on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram as their biggest nightmare!

So here’s our little guide on the do’s and don’ts on Social Media at weddings…


THINK before you post…

A bit of an obvious one to start really, but just before you go sharing a picture of the happy couple, the cake, or even the brides bouquet – make sure you think about whether or not it’s appropriate…

Nowadays, it’s perfectly acceptable for the Bride and Groom to state whether or not they wish their guests to share photographs on social media.

Some couples like to keep everything under wraps until they’ve shared a photo themselves… Whereas others come up with their own personal wedding hashtag for all of their guests to use in order for all of their photos to be easily found on Instagram!

It really is down to personal preference, so just make sure you have a think and don’t offend anyone before you go sharing your snaps…


Be Kind!

We’re sure you’ll get all of the angles the photographer didn’t get – and there’s sometimes a reason for that! If you manage to take some unflattering photos of the newlyweds try not to share those ones… just think how you would feel if someone did that to you. It’s a big no no. We say you should always try to capture people from their best side and throw on a little filter for good measure!


Leave some of it to the professionals…

You may or may not realise it, but wedding photographers are sometimes hugely expensive – so make sure you don’t get in the way of them whilst they’re busy working! You could seriously upset the Bride/Groom if you get in the way of their wedding photographs… after all, this is a once in a lifetime day that they’ve been patiently waiting for – naturally, they want the photographs to be amazing!


Don’t Overshare…

Yes, we get it, it’s a BIG day! But, you really don’t need to share every single aspect of the day with the world… like, do we really need to see a picture of your empty plate after the wedding breakfast? The answer is no… so we say put your phone away and enjoy being in the moment of the day!


If you’re getting married soon and you don’t feel comfortable for your guests to post on Social Media until you say it’s ok , why not get one of these signs… we think it’s a polite way of putting it.

Get it here.

no social media wedding sign

On the other hand, if you would LOVE for your guests to share your day using your very own personal hashtag – we recommend one of these signs…

Get it here.

wedding hashtag sign

Let us know your opinion on Social Media at weddings in the comments section!


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