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The dog who almost took the icing off this couple’s big day!

by Kloe Forster

Bella the black Labrador came very close to spoiling Scott and Jackie Willis’ big day, after munching through their three-tier chocolate wedding cake… on the morning of their wedding!

The Chronicle reported: ‘Two-year-old black Labrador Bella was caught red-pawed eating the £120 cake hours before Scott Willis and Jackie Walker tied the knot.

Bridesmaid Gemma Evans drove to her sister Donna McMahon’s home on the morning of the wedding, to pick up the chocolate sponge cake. Donna and Gemma had planned to take it to the venue together before watching their brother Scott, 28, exchange vows with 31-year-old Jackie. But as Gemma arrived, she soon realised disaster had struck.’

dog eaten cake

“When I got there Donna’s face had dropped and I honestly thought they had called off the wedding,” the 32-year-old said…

“We walked through to the kitchen and found that Bella had ruined the cake. Donna started crying and we just didn’t know what to do.

“It turned out Donna’s husband Liam had let the dog out at night but forgot to close her cage. It was all his fault.”

dog wedding cake

In an attempt to salvage the day, Gemma and Donna frantically called cake shops to try and find a replacement. Gemma said: “I felt like I was telling people that my dog had ate my homework. “We were just hoping we could find something and even thought we might have to go to Asda to see what we could find.

“We decided the best thing was not to tell them and hope we could somehow replace it in time.”

Luck was on the girls side when a local cafe came to the rescue and rustled up another £150 cake in less than three hours, which Liam delivered to the venue.

Scott and Jackie, tied the knot at St Michael’s Church in South Shields last Saturday – and were totally unaware of the drama.

The happy couple then celebrated with friends and family with a reception in Hedworth Hall.


Scott said: “I had no idea. We got to the venue and after having our photographs we went up to the top table.

“Donna asked if I liked the cake and then told me it wasn’t ours. I couldn’t believe it when she said the dog ate it. I stood there in silence then just burst into laughter. It was just the Willis luck something like this would happen!”

Images and article credit: The Chronicle

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