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An Invitation to a Real Wedding: Gemma & Louis

by Kloe Forster

This destination wedding set in the hills of Marbella is sooooo stunning! We’re totally swooning over the beautiful fishtail dress too. Take a look for yourself…

Thank you to Gemma for your submission.

How He Asked…

“I had been with my now husband for 6 years when he proposed. I had not long given birth to our son when unfortunately he contracted Bacterial Meningitis. It was a very scary week spent in the hospital and wasn’t a way either of us expected the first few months of being parents to go. Fortunately our son got such fantastic care we were able to come home after a week of staying in hospital.

On our return home my other half popped out to go and buy us some food shopping to make us a celebratory dinner, little did I know he also picked up an engagement ring!

That night he cooked up the most perfect 3 course meal of all my favourite foods, we had our 2 month old son on the table with us so we could toast how lucky we were and how special our son was.

Suddenly Louis (my OH) said he had a question to ask me and pulled out a ring and got down on one knee. It was such a shock and I was such an emotional wreck. I don’t remember much of his speech unfortunately, but he did say that the past week made him realise how me and our son Harry were his world and he didn’t ever want to lose us.

It was so perfect. It was so nice and special and I couldn’t have asked for it to be done at a more special moment.”

 bride and groom rw

The Ceremony Details…

“We had a destination wedding set in the hills just behind Marbella, Spain. We had a few weddings coming up and wanted to do something different and also give us a chance to spend some quality time away with friends and family, which is hard to come by sometimes.

We all flew out to Marbella and the majority stayed in the same hotel which was amazing, as we all got to enjoy nice dinners and nights out in the lead up to the wedding.”

bride and dad

“We had a garden venue with an American minister performing our ceremony. It wasn’t religious as such, but it included 5 things me and my partner loved about each other read out at the service, a reading from my sister in law about love and had a nice moment where my mum and partners mum both lit a candle together to celebrate the coming together of two families.We also hired a Spanish guitarist to play while we walked down the aisle and while we signed the register.

The ceremony was only 20 minutes but was full of many laughs (the minister forgot my husbands name and kept referring to him as Lewis) and a lot of tears!

In total we had about 120 guests.”

spanish venue

The Reception Details…

“The reception was at the same venue which was nice and easy, as everybody just got up from the ceremony seating and moved down over to the pool area, where we had champagne and beer being served as well as canapés and a bouncy castle to entertain the children.

We opted to have a tapas starter (when in Spain…) which included olives, breads, garlic prawns, croquettes and chorizo.

Our main meal was a choice between lamb cutlets or salmon en croute served with potatoes and veg.

Our dessert was a mini trio of desserts which included a mini strawberry cheesecake, a small chocolate fudge cake and some ice cream. A little bit for everyone’s tastes.

For entertainment we had a DJ set up to play until 4am – another bonus about destination weddings!”

reception tables

pool area

The Wedding Party…

“My husband had 6 Groomsmen. He couldn’t decide between his best friends, so picked them all – the more the merrier! He had his brother and oldest best friend as his best men. I don’t think he asked them in a particular manner, probably just over a drunken pint.

They all wore stone coloured chinos, white shirts, brown belts and brown shoes with medium blue blazers topped off with aviator sunglasses, our gift to them.”

men wedding party

“For my bridesmaids, I had my two sisters and 3 best friends. I asked them with a nice postcard message and gave them all a goody bag of gifts including some prosecco, a dressing gown to get ready in, and I got them all a Swarovski bracelet to wear on the day.

The girls all wore navy maxi dresses with beading at the top. They had their hair up in messy low buns and all looked beautiful. I told them all to wear whatever shoes they felt most comfortable in.”

bride and bridesmaids rw

The Bride and Grooms outfits…

“My husband wore exactly the same as the groomsmen but treated himself to these Gucci shoes he had his eye on (which actually gave him blisters on the day). He looked super handsome though.

I wore a lace, sweetheart fishtail dress (I felt it was very Spanish) although in hindsight probably slightly heavy and hot for the temperature! Whoops!  I opted to have my hair down and wavy with a medium length veil in.

I kept my jewellery simple with some diamond earrings and matching simple bracelet. I wore KG heels with small diamonds all over, they weren’t too high and were so comfy!

In the evening, I took my veil out and then put on a sparkly belt to add a little something to my dress. I loved it!”

bride and groom baby

The Finer Details…

“We decided to have a white colour scheme in regards to decor, as it was all outside – we wanted to let the venue and views do the talking.

For my bridal and bridesmaids flowers we all had white peonies, my bunch being bigger and bound with navy ribbon.

We opted for white floating balloons coming out of the pool, a lot of candles and lanterns and for our table centre pieces we had fish bowls full of fresh white hydrangeas.

Our favours where fake ‘Raybans’ with our wedding date printed on the side and our table names were just numbers. Our places names were gold laser cut wooden names.”


What stands out most about your big day?

“I have two moments, both pretty random… but the first was when we were all on the dance floor dancing away to Queen. Everybody was jumping around, people were falling over because of spilt alcohol but it only added to the fun!

The second is even more random… but it was waiting to get home. At 4am the venue had pretty much packed up and we were all waiting for a mini bus to arrive (which didn’t) we were all stood there in an empty venue drunk waiting to get home. In the end is was a fight for cabs but they were very few it was funny though all of us standing there joking and not wanting the night to end.”

wedding party dancing

What advice would you give to other Brides / Grooms to be?

“There isn’t anything I would change about my day, or the lead up to it, however – I do regret not being more forceful with certain pictures I had wanted. We had a great photographer, but to be honest on the day I wasn’t feeling it and I just wanted to get back to my party. Looking back though, you can tell on both mine and my partners face that we weren’t ‘feeling’ having our photo taken, which was a shame. Just embrace it – even though it can be a pain. Those pictures will provide the memories for years to come.”

bride and groom marbs

Is there anything that you wish you knew before you tied the knot?

“How hot it was going to be on the 24th June 2016 in Marbella at 6pm… I probably would have opted to start the ceremony later, as I’m pretty sure it was the hottest part of the day!”

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