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Choosing Your Best Man

by Lucy Hope

Are you struggling to choose your best man?

Although the best man only really has three specific functions: the stag do, the rings and the speech, these functions are all extremely important. In fact, they may actually be the most important functions – especially for Grooms.

This is why choosing your best man can be tough, from avoiding bruised egos, to finally deciding on who you want there by your side.


Your Best Friend

To be honest, your very best lifelong friend should always be best man, because let’s face it, the best man’s responsibilities aren’t that complicated are they?

Having Two Best Friends

Right, do you have a brother? If you do, and he’s one of your best friends, that’s the problem solved. If you don’t, you can opt to have two best men. You’ll need to split their responsibilities though, one plans the stag do, the other holds the rings and they both give speeches.

Having A Female Best Friend

Of course you can have a best woman! Why wouldn’t you? Alternatively, you could ask your future bride if she wants to ask your best friend to be a bridesmaid.

Repaying The Favour

If you acted as Best Man for one of your friends, but you feel like you have closer friends, don’t feel as though you have to repay the favour. Simply let him know that you wish you could have him as a best man if you could, but you feel as though you’re closer to someone else – we’re sure he’ll understand.

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