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The Craziest Bridezilla Moments Ever Witnessed…

by Kloe Forster

Planning a wedding is undoubtedly one of the most stressful things you can go through… but does that really give you an excuse to behave like an absolute lunatic to your closest family and friends? We don’t think so…

We’ve found the craziest bridezilla moments ever witnessed according to an Askreddit thread… and while we can’t guarantee they’re definitely true, they’re certainly pretty funny to read!

Take a look…

“A girl I know, I’ll call her Kate, was bridesmaid at a wedding. On the morning of the wedding the bride had a full on screaming bitch fit and demoted Kate from being bridesmaid because she had decided that Kate looked too pretty after having her makeup done and bride wanted to be the prettiest.”


“One day after her wedding, a friend I went to school with went on a rampage on Facebook about how none of her friends showed up to her big day and, the ones that did show up, didn’t dance or participate in anything at the reception…

She blasted everyone and made her wedding party feel like shit because she spent too much money on unnecessary things that no one used (mainly the photo booth and tons of rented costumes and accessories to use in the booth). She made a second post an hour later complaining about all of the people that stopped her to take pictures and didn’t let her enjoy her party.

It was hilarious to watch the comments flood in from people who went and were pissed and a few requested their gifts back. The kicker here is that a former classmate, someone who has a lot of mutual friends with the bride, lost his infant son earlier that week and the baby’s services fell on the same day as the wedding. Most of the people she was bitching at for not coming had opted to go to the child’s funeral service instead of her wedding. She lost a lot of respect and a lot of friends in two hours.”


“The woman who married my BIL. The highlight of her bridezilla moments (and there were many) was sending out a 4 page, front and back letter to all the members of the wedding party regarding what exactly was expected of them.

This included exactly how much they were to spend on gifts for the couple (basically, “Oh, don’t go nuts, tee hee…But it had better NOT be too cheap!!”), expected dress code for everything from informal meet ups to decide wedding attire and favors to the stag/bachelorette parties, and how they were to behave at all times. This was to a group of punk rock, anti-establishment kids with tattoos, colored hair, and leather galore. This was not unknown to the bride, as she claimed to be part of that scene herself.

She actually demoted the best man the night before the wedding and “moved up” another of the groomsmen, because she felt the original best man (one of the groom’s oldest and best friends) wasn’t “pulling his weight” and doing things the way she wanted. This despite him honestly trying and being on his best behavior for everything, even though he had never been a fan of this girl.

And that’s just the tip of the bridezilla iceberg. I hate to say luckily, but…… luckily, the marriage did not last.

Edit: Was just reminded by another post here! Part of the 4 page list was for her bridesmaids to lose weight, and not only was hair style to be approved by her (which is OK) hair color and cut had to be approved as well. For the entire month or so before the wedding.”


“The most intense incident was during a wedding music planning meeting, attended by the bride-to-be, her mother, the groom’s mother and myself, organist for the occasion.

A fight ensued when bridezilla said she wanted “Trumpet Voluntary” for the Processional, and her future mother-in-law replied, “Oh, NO – that won’t do – you must use ‘Here Comes the Bride’ – it’s a family tradition!”

At which point the bride said that it was her wedding and that she’d have what she wanted. The groom’s mother then said, “Well, I’m paying for the entire affair, and you’ll do what I say in this matter – it’s the least you can do to show appreciation.”

At that point, to bring a modicum of peace, I said, “Let’s do both – Trumpet Voluntary for everyone but the bride, then switch to “Here Comes the Bride” when she makes her entrance.

Thankfully, that worked. Not another hostile word was spoken for the remainder of the meeting”


“My sister caused a huge scene at her wedding dinner because I (the maid of honor) did not want to do a speech. She knows I am deathly afraid of public speaking, I had nothing prepared and it was never expressed to me that she wanted me to say something. It still hurts my feeling to this day that she was so mean to me in front of all those people.

edit: I should clarify that it was more of an informal wedding and she was the maid of honor at my wedding and didn’t speak. I care about people feeling and don’t want to ever make someone uncomfortable just for my benefit.”


Have you ever encountered a bridezilla?

Let us know in the comments!


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