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Does size REALLY matter when it comes to Engagement Rings?

by Kloe Forster

The entire Twittersphere was sent into complete meltdown recently, after a woman made some pretty horrendous remarks regarding her thoughts on a small engagement ring… and it’s left us wondering – when it comes to engagement rings, does size really matter?

We were just as shocked as the next person when we discovered Twitter user ‘@Daymjina’ posted a tweet of another woman’s engagement ring and callously remarked: “Imagine finally being proposed to & this is the ring you’re given,” and completed her caption with some crying face emojis…

engagement ring tweet

Clearly, her vicious tweet was enough to get the majority of other people on Twitter all riled up and thousands upon thousands of people began commenting with their opinions on the matter…


twitter reactions

twitter reactions

reactions reactions

Evidently, it would appear that @Daymjina was actually just looking to push everyone’s buttons on the matter. She explained to Yahoo Style that, although she’s in a relationship, she is not engaged. “I saw [the ring] on Facebook and thought I’d tweet about it, knowing it would trigger people,” the 21-year-old makeup artist says, admitting that her Twitter account is meant to “troll” others.

However, she said she stands by her controversial post. “Look, if that’s all someone can genuinely afford, then it’s not right to reject it, because you love the person. But if he can afford better, then it’s not bad to expect more,” she says. “It’s a declaration of their love and they’re supposed to get the best ring they can for the person they want to spend life with.”

So, we want to know – what do you think? Would you have been upset if you were proposed to with a small diamond? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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