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‘Til Death Do Us Unite!? Don’t Miss This Zombie Themed Wedding…

by Kloe Forster

Here at Your Wedding Hub, we think your wedding should be a true reflection of you and your other half… whether that be embracing your sense of style, humour or even taste in music… your day should be unique to you!

So, we were overjoyed to discover this amazing ZOMBIE themed wedding!

zombie wedding

(Photo: Radoslawgoraphotography/Mercury Press)

Blue Bailey-Hunt and Dean Pike shunned traditional white lace, flowers and sparkles in favour of blood, brains and all things living dead. It was a true reflection of the pair, who have always been into alternative fashion, punk music and piercings.

They made their way down the aisle sporting undead-themed ensembles, with Dean wearing a harlequin print suit and Blue sporting a bespoke skull-encrusted bridal gown.

The fun-loving couple, who managed to pull the whole wedding together in just seven weeks, also hired professional hair and make-up artists to complete their gory looks.

zombie wedding

(Photo: Radoslawgoraphotography/Mercury Press)

And it wasn’t just therapist Blue, 32, and butcher Dean, 35, who got into the zombie swing of things…

All 98 of their guests, including children Dexter Pike, five, and Zoli Pike, two, joined in the fun and dressed in suitably ghoulish attire on September 4.

zombie wedding

(Photo: Lucy Loves Weddings/Mercury Press)

We’re not sure the human torso shaped cake looks particularly appetising – but we love how quirky it is…

We wish the couple the very best for their future together!

zombie wedding

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