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Would You Have a Denim Themed Wedding?

by Kloe Forster

Would you have a denim themed wedding?

Well, in honour of Jeans for Genes Day, we’re considering it as a potential wedding trend!

And no, that doesn’t mean you have to go all Justin and Britney on us… we mean casually introducing the theme in subtle ways throughout your wedding decor. It’s certainly a unique spin to put on your big day and would get all of your guests talking!

We absolutely love the dusty blue hue of denim and think that if it’s used in the right ways then it could really work at a wedding… Take a look!


Denim Coloured Decor

dusty blue denim wedding

We think these denim blue candles look super sophisticated and absolutely GORGEOUS! By mixing in a few other shades of blue as well as some pretty greenery this wedding decor with a denim twist really works…

Denim Wedding Jacket

denim wedding jacket

This denim wedding jacket has definitely got the aww factor – and it’s something you could treasure forever. We think it’s a great way to show off your style.

Denim Wedding Bouquet

denim style bouquet

Ok, so, we know this bouquet isn’t actually made out of denim – the hessian flowers have been dyed a beautiful blue hue. We think that it looks perfect paired with the beige tones of the hessian and for a rustic wedding with a twist this bouquet would be just fabulous.

Denim for The Groom

denim shirts wedding

Why haven’t we considered denim shirts for the groom and his crew until now?!

We absolutely love this laid-back look for the men of the wedding… we reckon this would be a brilliant choice for any weddings with a rustic feel to them. The boho style button holes really finish off the look too.

Denim Page Boy Outfits

denim page boys

Oh my word! How adorable do these little guys look in their denim jeans, braces and flat caps!

We love how unusual this look is – so much more quirky than a suit  and bound to be a whole lot comfier too! We think this denim wedding ensemble looks perfect.

Denim Wedding Cake

denim wedding cake

WOW – how pretty does this wedding cake look?

This denim style wedding cake is definitely proof that denim at a wedding can look elegant… We think the blue and white looks so chic together, don’t you?

All images were taken from Pinterest.


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