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The Bride Who ALMOST Had No Wedding Dress To Get Married In…

by Kloe Forster

Did you hear about the bride who almost had no wedding dress to get married in?!

Can you even begin to imagine – it’s an hour before you’re due to say ‘I Do’ and you don’t have a dress to get married in?!

We were gobsmacked this is exactly what happened to Nathalie Lout. When her photographer (Lizzie – Shoot it Momma) arrived an hour before the wedding ceremony to start photographing all of the bridal preparations… she discovered Nathalie didn’t actually have a wedding dress. *GASP*

Her dressmaker basically vanished without a trace, after promising that the dress would be ready at the bride’s final fitting 10 days before the wedding.

Nathalie told the Mail Online: “I still don’t know what happened to my original dress. I had my final fitting about 10 days earlier and was told that the dress would be ready on either the Thursday or Friday before the wedding and that they would contact me when it was ready…..”

However the shop failed to contact her and when Nathalie attempted to contact them she got no answer.

She called them about ten times and left multiple voicemails – she even sent her husband to the shop but it was closed. Nathalie’s sisters, visiting from France for the nuptials, waited at the shop as late as they could on the morning of the wedding – but to no avail.

Thankfully, Nathalie’s photographer stepped in and explained what happened next in her blog:

‘What followed was a bit of a blur, but I did what any photographer in the area would have done, I called Courtyard Bridal.





“…………..in an hour”


They swooped in like literal caped crusaders and bundled everything they could in to the car, promising they would be with us as soon as they could.”

The lovely ladies from Courtyard Bridal Boutique, Anne and Rhiannon, came prepared with two dresses, veils, pins, hair pieces and even a sewing machine!

courtyard bridal boutique

dress alterations

The bottom of the dress was trimmed whilst the bride stood on a box of breakfast bits from the hotel in the bathroom. The hem was then stitched up – they even managed to sew in some bra cups!

seamstress saves the day

Nathalie looked truly stunning in the gown and – she broke down in tears when she saw it.

She managed to make the ceremony with moments to spare – all thanks to the team at Courtyard Bridal.

bride and dressmaker

What an amazing story!


the bride without a dress

Image and Story Credit: Shoot it Momma


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