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Why Your Honeymoon Needs to STAY OFF Social Media…

by Kloe Forster

Well – until you get home at least.

We totally understand the situation, you’re at the airport and want to check yourself in on Facebook before you jet off on what’s going to be the most romantic holiday of your life… or maybe, you fancy sharing a few snaps of those cheeky airport drinks you’ve been looking forward to for soooo long.

It’s wise to think twice before you go broadcasting to anyone and everyone that you’ve left your house empty and it’s full of all of your precious wedding gifts, not to mention whatever other valuables you have in your home.

And naturally of course, you’re going to want to share photographs of you and your other half sunning yourselves up and having a glorious time whilst on your honeymoon!

But, we’ve got to warn you that you should probably wait until you’re home before you post those pics…

The last thing any newlywed couple wants is to come home from their honeymoon to find they’ve been broken in… and by protecting your social media accounts you’re also protecting your home from a break in.

honeymoon social media

If you really can’t wait to share your honeymoon photos though we’d definitely suggest setting all of your social media accounts to private – just so you know that only your family and friends can see you’re out of the country.

Remember that a “public” setting generally means it can be seen by anyone – including someone who may want to break in. Be careful if you plan on “checking in” on GPS-based apps publicly as you never know who’s watching.

Comparethemarket.com carried out a survey which revealed that 67% of UK holiday makers now delay posting anything on social media until they return home – we certainly think it’s best to be safe than sorry, don’t you?

Other tips for keeping your home safe while you’re on honeymoon:

  • Check and double check all windows and doors are shut and locked before you leave
  • Ask a relative/neighbour to keep an eye on your house for you while you’re away
  • Invest in a plug timer for lamps – you can get 3 for £7.99 here
  • Buy a Safe for your home – pick one up from Amazon for around £30 here.


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