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Is this the bizarre and raunchy new wedding trend?

by Caitlin Moore

Couples are appearing to perform x-rated acts in a new viral wedding photo trend!

A new trend has been appearing on the internet lately in which the newlyweds pose in a rather suggestive way for their pics!

The photos show a bride appearing to perform a sex act on her new hubby.

sex act wedding photos

Image: Facebook

The groom is pictured with his trousers down at his knees looking down to his wife in a suggestive pose.

The British couple, who were married in Greece, shared the cheeky snap on social media just moments after the ceremony!

It ended up going viral on social media, with friends branding them as ‘Legends’ for the photo.

They wanted a picture that was unique and reflected their cheeky sense of humour!

sex act wedding photos

Image: Michael Klooster Photography

However, this couple aren’t the only ones to be taking part in this cheeky new trend.

An unnamed Dutch couple also went viral with their very similar wedding snap!

The photos were taken by Photographer Michael Klooster who claimed that it was one of the Mothers who came up with the idea for the image!

Would you take part in this rather raunchy new wedding trend on your big day? 

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