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10 Last Minute Jobs To Do In The Week Before Your Wedding

by Kloe Forster

Here are 10 last minute jobs you need to do in the run up to your wedding!

Collect Your Dress


It might sound obvious – but you need to make sure your dress is ready and fits you perfectly the week before the wedding! We’ve heard a lot of horror stories of brides not having their dress back on time, or the dresses not fitting right – so just make sure you’ve got yours and you try it on once more before the big day to check it fits.

Make Sure Your Wedding Shoes Are COMFY


We don’t mean you have to wear trainers – but you need to break in whatever shoes you’re wearing and make sure you can walk in them… no one wants to have painful shoes on their big day!

Speak To Your Photographer


 Now’s the time to finalise which photos you want from your big day… make sure your photographer has a list of all of the shots you want – you won’t get the chance to get them again!

 Practice Your First Dance


If you’ve got a routine – make sure you know it!

Now’s the time to have a last minute rehearsal with your other half…

Check the Table Plan


You’re bound to have guests dropping out at the last minute – so have one final check of your table plan to make sure it’s all still looking good in the run up to the big day.

Pay Off Your Venue/Suppliers


This is probably going to be the most expensive week of your life! You’ll need to make all of your final payments to the venue and all of your suppliers… it might feel like you’re just throwing money away but believe us, it’ll all be worth it once the big day comes around.

Make sure the speeches are done!


If you’re the bride, chances are you won’t actually be making a speech… but you need to make sure that everyone who is doing one has finished writing theirs!

Brief The Bridesmaids…


 Your bridesmaids need to know their duties on the big day and now’s the time to make sure they know exactly where they need to be, what they need to be doing and when they should be doing it…

The same goes for Ushers, Page Boys and any members of your family who are in the wedding party. the day will flow better if everyone knows their duties – so don’t be shy to let people know.

Spend time with your other half


Just think, this time next week you’ll be a married couple!

So, make sure you savour your last week together before you’re married. It’s such a special time for you both and should be a time to look back on in the future with treasured memories.



The most crucial rule of all – do not stress!

Getting stressed won’t make a difference to the situation – it’s just going to make you more flustered in the run up to your big day. So, take a deep breath and keep plodding on.


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