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Top 10 Hen Party Games

by Caitlin Moore

Planning the hen party? Take a read of our top 10 Hen Party Games!

Prosecco Pong

The perfect party game has just got glam! Meet Prosecco Pong… even the box is pretty!
Get into two teams and take it in turns to throw the ping pong ball and attempt to land it in one of the other team’s glass, once a ball lands in a glass, the glass is taken away and the opponent drinks the contents of that glass. The team that knocks out all the other team’s glasses first wins!



Never Have I Ever

One of my favourite drinking games! Everyone needs a full glass of alcohol, take it in turns making a Never Have I Ever statement such as ‘Never Have I Ever had a Threesome’ and anyone who has done the action has to take a drink.
If you find it difficult thinking of shameful things to ask then you can buy A pack of Never Have I Ever Cards.

Advice for the Bride

Ask the hens to write down some advice for the bride, this can be as funny as you like! The bride can then read these out to the group.
These cards from Not on the Highstreet are such a nice option, I love the pink and rose gold theme!


Dick Hedz Game

Such a fun game for when you start hitting the bars! Get into teams and nominate a person from each time to be the ‘Dick Head’ and wear the plastic willy, then the rest of the team attempt to throw the plastic hoops and land them on the willy!

hen party games


Whos Who

Get all the hens to write down a fact about themselves such as ‘I’m not related to the bride’ or ‘I’ve been married twice’. Give all the facts to the hen and find out how well she really knows her hen party! Each hen can hear which fact they believe is about them before they reveal the truth!


Hen Party Twister

This hen party take on the classic game ‘Twister’ would be so fun for the Hen Night! Simply take a turn to spin and move the body part where it tells you on the spinner! Simple…

hen party games

Two Truths and a Lie

Each Hen takes it in turn to tell two truths and a lie about themselves. The rest of the group has to work out which of the three is the lie.
Add a drinking game into this – if the group guess right then the liar takes a drink. If the group guess wrong then the rest of the group must take a drink!


Dare Scratch Cards

Do-a-Dare scratch cards are such a fun game for the night out part of the hen night! You pick a card, scratch off one ‘To Do’, one ‘To Who’ and one ‘And How’.

There are loads of hilarious options for the whole hen party to take part in!


Drink If

Create a list of rules for the night which if not obeyed the person has to take a drink.

Examples of rules are;

1. Drink if you aren’t using your Willy Straw
2. Drink if you’re caught holding your drink in your right hand
3. Drink if you mention your other half
4. Drink if you’re not wearing some form of hen party tat
5. Drink if you point at one of the group
6. Drink if you yawn


Pin the Willy on the Hunk

The Pin the Willy on the Hunk game includes a Willy Eye Mask, 12 Willy Stickers to write your name on, and an A1 size hunk poster!

hen night games

Pick your willy and write your name on, then put the blindfold on in turns and attempt to pin your willy in the right place! Whoever get’s it closest wins!

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