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Five Alternatives to Flowers for Your Flower Girl

by Kloe Forster

If you’re looking for something a little bit different for your Flower Girl to carry down the aisle on the big day – we’ve found five fabulous alternatives…

Take a little look and let us know what you think!


Flower Girl Wands

flower girl wand

(Image Credit: ShopWillyNilly Etsy)

We absolutely LOVE these pretty Flower Girl wands – they can be personalised with the names of your Flower Girl/s too, as well as being customised in a fabric of your choosing – for that extra special personal twist.

Prices start from just £6 here.

They Promised Me Cake Sign

they promised me cake sign

(Image Credit: Modo Creative NOTHS)

Just imagine the reactions this sign would get as your little Flower Girl heads down the aisle carrying this… it’s sooooo adorable!

The sign is priced at £14 and is available to buy here.

Flower Crown

flower crown

(Image Credit: LolaWhiteShop Etsy)

Instead of carrying anything – why not get your Flower Girl to wear a stunning flower crown?

The best part about this one is that it’s made out of artificial flowers which will last a lifetime… so your Flower Girl can keep it as a keepsake of the part she played in the big day.

We found this one here.

A Flower Balloon

flower balloon

(Image credit: CooCooDoLove Etsy)

This bright coloured flower balloon is something cute, fun and quirky for your Flower Girl to carry down the aisle… we think she’ll love it – who doesn’t love a balloon?!

You can get them here.

Too Late To Run Sign

too late to run sign(Image Credit: Hayleys Plaques Etsy)

We think this funny sign is just perfect for giving your guests (and your groom!) a little giggle!

We think it will lift the super serious mood that often surrounds the vows and put everyone at ease a bit…

It’s priced at just £10 and we found it here.

See the prettiest dresses for your Flower Girl here.


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