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7 Stages of Wedding Planning EVERY Bride can relate to!

by Kloe Forster

There are so many emotions you’re going to go through when planning your wedding… and you’re going to want to prepare for this emotional rollercoaster ride!

So, with that in mind, here are 7 Stages of Wedding Planning EVERY Bride can relate to!

Pinterest is LIFE…

We don’t think we’ve ever encountered a bride who hasn’t used Pinterest!

It can be an actual Godsend when it comes to planning every aspect of your day: from colour schemes to cakes, food to flowers and even dresses to doughnut walls! There’s so much inspiration for your big day.

Now’s definitely the time to daydream over all things wedding – and enjoy making all of those AMAZING boards.

pinterest wedding

Reality sets in…

As you plan, most brides will have one of those moments where they begin to realise that maybe their wedding budget isn’t going to stretch quite as far as you first thought! Maybe it’s time to rethink that string quartet?

Just remember – the day is about marrying your partner – it’s certainly not all about how much money you spend!

Try and stick to your budget and keep calm – after all, no one wants to be starting married life with mountains of debt after splurging on their big day…


Preparation is key!

Planning ahead and preparing for the big day as much as you can will make things so much easier in the long run…

We recommend investing in a wedding planner journal, where you can keep notes of all of the elements you’d like from your wedding day.

Once you’ve set the date for the wedding you need to start setting yourself goals for completing all of your wedding related jobs… this way when it comes round to the big day you won’t get yourself too flustered.


Stress, stress and more stresss…

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things in life you can do!

In order to stay as stress free as possible, try sharing your load with your groom – he should be happy to do his bit too.

Remember that it’s ok to ask for help, and we’re sure you’ll have lots of willing volunteers waiting to lend a hand!


A little hungover from your Hen Party.

UGGGGH! Hen party hangovers are the worst! Make sure you prepare for it by keeping as hydrated as possible and keep some painkillers close by for your sore head.


Butterflies and nerves…

Every bride gets some pre-wedding jitters – it’s completely normal. Just remember that worrying over problems won’t fix them!

If you’re feeling nervous, the best thing to do is talk to someone… whether it’s your groom, your mum or one of the bridesmaids – just let them know how you’re feeling and we’re sure they’ll be there to help you!


Absolute JOY!

There are no words to explain that feeling of complete and utter elation on your wedding day! But one thing’s for sure, is that every bride is completely over the moon on her wedding day.

Remember to make the most of every second – as it really will be over in a flash!


What’s been your biggest worry wit your wedding planning so far? We’d love to know.

Leave a comment below!

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