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A Third of Men are Most Likely to Pop the Question at Christmas!

by Kloe Forster

It’s official – Christmas time really is proposal season!

According to a survey carried out by UK events agency Chillisauce, a third of men polled will pop the question on Christmas Eve!


Well, we can’t say we’re totally surprised… as there’s certainly something quite romantic about this time of year isn’t there?

Interestingly, the survey also uncovered that twenty nine per cent of women would actually rather their partner saved the proposal for Valentine‚Äôs Day instead…

And even more shockingly, a whopping 83 per cent of women said they would prefer not to be proposed to at Christmas… eek!


So then fellas, if you’re reading – it might be time to rethink your Christmas proposal plans! The last thing you want is for your other half to say no and for your Christmas to be completely ruined.

We definitely suggest you don’t cop out buy buying an engagement ring instead of a Christmas present, if you can’t think of anything else… you’ll just be asking for trouble if you do.

Why not pick a date that’s significant to you and your other half for that all important question instead?

You need to make sure your engagement is a happy and memorable occasion that you can look back on with fond memories for years to come – so make sure you get it right.


If you’re a bride to be – we’d love to know your proposal story – if you’d like to share it with us then please get in touch!


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