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What your Hubby-to-be REALLY gets up to on his Stag Do!

by Kloe Forster

It’s only natural that we brides-to-be feel a little nervous about what the groom gets up to on his Stag Do!

So here’s a little insight in to what you think he’s going to be getting up to versus what he probably will get up to…


What you think he’s most likely to be doing:

Hitting the Strip Club


Whilst some stags just can’t resist a trip to the strippers, most actually won’t be all that interested…

Just make sure you voice your issues (if you have any) with your other half before he goes rather than after.

And remember – he’s only got eyes for you really!

Drinking – A LOT!


This is most definitely going to be on the cards… and who can blame him?!

Don’t forget you’ll probably be drinking a whole lot on your hen party too!

Chatting up girls…


You’re obviously going to worry your future hubby is going to be chatting up loads of girls on his last night of freedom – but come on, which groom would be daft enough to do that when he’s marrying YOU!

What he’s actually mots likely to be doing:

Puking, a lot!


If he’s anything like most guys – he’ll drink a whole lot more than he can handle which is going to end in puking! We suggest you stay well clear of him until the next day at least.

Having a little dance…


It’s his last night of freedom – so he’s probably going to want to shift some shapes on the dancefloor!

Watching some Football…


If it’s the weekend, you just know there’s going to be some kind of sports watching involved with any group of lads!

We’d much rather they were watching this than someone getting naked at the strippers, though.

Proclaiming his love for you!


GROOM GOALS – he’s telling all his friends just how much he loves you and can’t wait to marry you. AWW!

Feeling hungover…


Yup, after all of that partying this is the obvious one – he’s going to be feeling very rough the next day!

We say, leave him to it…


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