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Who You Should and Shouldn’t Take Wedding Dress Shopping With You…

by Kloe Forster

Here at Your Wedding Hub, we understand the pressures and stresses of finding the perfect wedding dress!

We’re sure you’re familiar with the TLC show Say Yes To The Dress – and the kind of people that are sometimes on there…

So, we’ve put together a little list of the types of people we do and don’t recommend taking with you when searching for your wedding dress.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

The kind of people we DO recommend

  • Someone who will give you honest advice – you need someone to tell you if you’re showing too much cleavage or whether the style you’re trying just isn’t right for your body shape… and of course someone to tell you when you look perfect!


  • Someone you can trust – you don’t want anyone to know the details of your dress before the big day, so make sure you take someone you can trust to keep it hush hush!


  • Someone who knows your style – this is a must! You probably already have an idea of they style of dress you want in your head – make sure you take someone with you who understands it and helps you stick with it when you start going off on a tangent…


  • Someone calming – it’s definitely necessary to have calming vibes when wedding dress hunting, so take someone with you who knows how to soothe you and keep you calm!


  • A good listener – it’s vital you have someone on hand who listens to what you want, they’ll be ideal at helping you find the right dress for


 The kind of people we DON’T recommend

  • Someone who’s so brutally honest they could potentially upset you – no one wants tears when trying on wedding dresses…


  • Anyone who could distract you with what they want rather than you – you don’t have time for this! This is one of the only times in life when you get to be 100% selfish – all eyes are going to be on you so you need to decide what you want and stick with it.


  • Someone who’s going to broadcast the entire experience all over social media… we all have that one friend who lives their entire life on Facebook, Insta or Snapchat. You don’t want to risk anyone else seeing your dress before the big day – so make sure you don’t ask these kinds of people to come wedding dress shopping with you!


  • Anyone who thrives on drama – this is just not what you need! The whole situation should be as calm as possible – leave any drama at the door when you go into the shop.


  • Any disapproving relatives – need we say more on this? Why risk taking someone with you who’ll probably enjoy giving you bad advice? They’re better off staying at home and out of your way!


Who will you be taking wedding dress shopping with you?

Let us know!


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