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The 5 BEST wedding lighting themes for 2019

by Your Wedding Hub

From fairy lights to candles, deciding on the perfect wedding lighting can be a tricky task. We are here to show you some of the best lighting theme options and decorations that are available for your big day! 


Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are perfect for any occasion but are a staple for weddings! Lights4fun, wedding lights supplier, said: “Our top tip for fairy lights is to hang them in a canopy style – this really gives a magical feel to any venue whilst also adding a glow of light!” 

Get these fairy lights HERE

Heart Light Frame

We think this Heart Light Frame would be a perfect addition to your wedding lighting. Hang pictures of your special memories with your loved ones around the venue to add that special touch to the day!

Get the Heart Frame HERE

Curtain Lights

Indoor curtain lights always make an amazing backdrop for pictures! Place them behind your top table to create a glow in the area. Don’t they just look gorgeous?!

Get these Curtain Lights HERE. 


Festoons are bigger than Fairy lights, therefore they stand out more! We love that you can hang them at all different heights and lengths and they are most suited to a rustic wedding theme.

Credit: Claire Penn

Get these Festoon lights HERE. 


These are a staple centrepiece decoration for any wedding table! Candles always add a twinkle of light to any occasion. LED candles would be our recommendation as they are safer than a regular candle and last much longer! 

Get a Trio of LED Candles HERE.

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