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The Top Stresses of a Bride to Be!

by Kloe Forster

The Top Stresses of a Bride to Be!

Here at Your Wedding Hub – we appreciate just how stressful planning a wedding can be!

So, we’ve put together a list of the Top Stresses every bride will face… can you relate to any of these?


6. Waiting for the RSVPs to come back…


Is it just us – or does it seem to take AGES for everyone to reply?!

Hurry up people – this bride can’t wait forever you know!

5. Sticking to the budget

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Sticking to the budget is definitely a tough one! But – we can honestly say that if you can manage to stick to it – everything will be better in the long run!

After all, no newlywed couple really wants to start their married life with mounds of debt…

4. Sorting the Seating Plan


Some brides do say this isn’t as bad as everyone makes out to be…. but for others, it’s the worst part of planning a wedding!

Luckily for you – we’ve got a little something to make planning those tables a little easier.

Take a look here. You can thank us later!

3. Finding the Dress


Most women dream of their wedding dress from being little girls – so when it comes down to actually finding the one, the pressure can often get too much for most!

We say – create a shortlist of styles you think you like before you go to try on.

Then, when you do go to try on – make sure you keep an open mind, as the styles you like might not necessarily be the ones that suit you most…

Listen to the advice of those around you – they’ll help you pick the dress of your dreams!

2. Deciding on a Honeymoon Destination


Depending on the time of year of your wedding and whether your budget can stretch far enough – deciding on a honeymoon destination can be hard work!

We say – talk it through with your partner. Write a list of the places you’ve always fancied – then check whether you can actually afford to get there.

These days a lot of couples ask for money as a wedding gift from their guests – and if you did this too then hopefully it would help you have the honeymoon of your dreams!

1. Keeping everyone else happy


We hear this soooo many times from you lovely brides to be…

Yes, of course you’ve got to consider your guests needs – but PLEASE don’t spend the entirety of your wedding planning stressing over every little thing in order to keep everyone else happy.

REMEMBER – Your guests are there to see you get married. They want you to have the best day of your life – not the most stressful day of your life!

So start thinking of you and your other half – and don’t forget that this day is about you two!


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