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The Kind of Questions You Should Be Asking Your Wedding Venue…

by Kloe Forster

Before you visit your venue – we have put together the kind of questions you should be asking.

You might want to print them out and take them along with you.

After all, it’s always better to know too much than not enough, right?!

Initial Info

Will the venue be available on the date we prefer?

How many guests can you accommodate in both the day and the evening?

Is there somewhere for us both to get ready on the morning of the wedding?

Will there be sufficient parking for all of our guests?

Is there be a car parking attendant or will our ushers need to help guests with this?

Are guests able to leave their cars over night?

Who from the wedding venue will be present on the day?

Will our wedding be the only wedding on at the venue that day?


Is there accommodation on site?

Are guests able to pay the venue directly for accommodation or do they need to pay us?

What time will our guests be able to check in on the wedding day?

What time will our guests need to check out the next day?

The Ceremony

Is there a limit to the times which we can hold the wedding ceremony?

Which rooms are licensed for wedding ceremonies?

The Wedding Breakfast

Is a corkage fee applicable?

Will there be a complimentary taster menu provided within the costs?

How many menu options are we able to offer our guests?

Are we able to use external caterers?

Will crockery and linen be included in the price?

What size are the tables that you have?

What kind of chairs will you use?

What options are there for the eating arrangement on the top table?

Are you able to provide microphones for the wedding speeches?

The Evening Reception

What options are there for evening food?

At what time will the band/DJ arrive to set up?

Is there a sound limit that the band/DJ need to be aware of?

Do we need to vacate the reception room for set up?

If we do need to vacate the main reception room – what options do we have?

What are the bar prices like?

Can our guests pay using card or is it cash only?

Are we able to plug an iPod into your sound system?

At around what time will our evening reception need to finish?


How much is the initial deposit?

What date do we need to make our final payment?

Is VAT already included in the prices?

Will there be any extra charges for cleaning/room hire/staff that haven’t already been included in the price?

Additional Questions

Do we have to use your recommended suppliers?

Do you clear everything away after the wedding or will we need to organise this?

 Is there somewhere that we can securely store our wedding gifts?
Do you have public liability insurance?

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