Home Real Life Why do brides throw their wedding bouquet?!

Why do brides throw their wedding bouquet?!

by Kloe Forster

Why do brides throw their wedding bouquet?!

Have you ever wondered why brides launch their beautiful bouquet, (which they probably paid a pretty price for too!) to a throng of eagerly anticipating, overly excited female guests?

Well, luckily for you – so have we!

why do brides throw the bouquet

The answer is a little bit on the strange side…

Apparently, the tradition began hundreds of years ago in England – when guests believed that grabbing a piece of the bride would bring them good luck and fortune.

This often left guests crowding the poor bride – trying to physically tear off pieces of the her wedding dress – or even trying to pry some of the flowers out of her hands!

So you see, the tradition of throwing the bouquet started – in order to distract the guests from destroying the brides beautiful wedding dress.

We’re well and truly grateful for this! Can you imagine your guests clamouring around you to try and rip a piece of your beautiful dress on the big day?! ERRRRM, NO THANK YOU!

why do brides throw the bouquet

Nowadays though, everyone knows that women tend to be eager to catch the bouquet because of the superstition around the person who catches it being the next person to get married…

We’re not so sure we believe in this one – but it’s certainly a nice tradition to have at the big day!

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