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OMG – You can get married at Disneyland Paris!

by Kloe Forster

OMG – did you hear the amazing news? You can now get married at Disneyland Paris!



Imagine being able to make your fairytale wedding dreams come true – well, now you can!

A Disneyland Paris wedding combines the perfect setting with a magical dose of unlimited possibilities to make your wedding day everything you want it to be and more…

You can even get your very own ‘fairy godmother’, in the form of a dedicated disney Wedding Planner to help make your day every bit as perfect as your heart could wish for.

Let’s be honest – it would certainly be an unforgettable day!

Disneyland Paris wedding

For the grand old price of 55,000 euros – you can even have your magical wedding ceremony right outside of Sleeping Beauty’s iconic castle!

Imagine how amazing that would be… It’s got to be one of the most perfect and romantic places to say ‘I do’, ever!

Then there’s also the opportunity to have actual Disney characters attend your wedding as part of the unique enhancements on offer – how cool is that?! Why not walk down the aisle with Goofy by your side? You could have an actual Disney princess as your bridesmaid? Or maybe even have Pluto as the ring bearer…?! The possibilities are pretty much endless!

If 55,000 euros is a little out of your price range – then there are a select few alternative packages which would suit slightly smaller budgets and tastes.

See all of the details and find out how to plan your very own Disneyland Wedding here.

You can also email the Disneyland Paris wedding planning team with your wedding queries here.

Can’t afford the prices of a Disneyland Paris wedding?

Don’t worry – here’s how you can add a little bit of Disney to your day without breaking the bank!

Image credits: Disneyland Paris

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