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The Shocking (and painful!) Wedding Ring Trend!

by Kloe Forster

Oh my word – if you’re one with a squeamish disposition we suggest you look away now!

This might just make your eyes water a little…

This is the latest wedding ring trend. Instead of an actual wedding ring, brides are choosing to get diamonds pierced into their wedding ring finger.

wedding ring piercing

YIKES. We’re cringing at the thought of how much this must hurt…

But, if you’re a bride to be who loves piercings – we think you might just love this quirky idea for a wedding ring too!

wedding ring piercing

‘Finger microdermals’ have been doing the rounds on social media – and they’re proving to be quite trendy!

wedding ring piercing

The piercing is also a lot cheaper than the cost of most wedding rings – so it’s budget friendly too!

We must add – this trend isn’t for the faint-hearted, as if you remove the piercing, it will leave you with a very small, but permanent scar. Ouch.

Would you be brave enough to have this done? Let us know.


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